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Black coffee

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite drink?

I drink black coffee every single day so that must be it. And speaking of black coffee I prefer home brewed one. Either pour over or drip, as long as it’s not too strong. Store bought brewed coffee is usually too strong for my liking, unless they’re from convenience stores like 7Eleven or Family Mart, even Dunkin Donuts.

More to my favorite drink. I prefer the local ones. Kalinga or Barako. My go to coffee brand is Basilio’s Muni-Muni Blend (90% Robusta, 10% Arabica). But recently I noticed that the flavor has changed (it’s more earthy now) and the price has increased tremendously so I might need to switch. Once, I tried getting the whole beans cos it’s cheaper but it’s more tiresome having to grind it.

When ordering coffee outside, I usually go for iced latte or iced mocha. I tried the lattes from Starbucks, CBTL, and Tim Horton’s… I didn’t like any of them. You know what I liked? Dunkin Donuts. And this one kiosk outside the grocery that sells local coffee beans as well.

I also love iced mocha. For a while I was on a hunt for the best one and eventually found my favorites. Nitro 7, Highlands Coffee, and Blue Wonder. They’re all very good, Nitro 7’s being the most unique because they use half and half (oh and nitrogen infused cold brew) so it has a creamier taste, also less acidic.

Sometimes I get Vietnamese Coffee too. If not from Bahn Mi, then from So Mot. 🙂

Yeah that’s it as far as my fancy for coffee goes.

PS: if you plan to make affogato at home – the best vanilla ice cream to use is Magnolia Gold Label hands down.