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Today: you lose some, you gain some

Today I lost my favorite tumbler huhu. My off-white Bodum travel press that’s been with me for almost 3 years now!

I’m sure I left it somewhere in Shang when I went to rehab earlier. I already called lost and found and Rustan’s department store but they couldn’t find it or no one has surrendered it yet. I only realized it was lost when I got home and wanted to wash it.

This was its last moments with me…

One of the perks of being a vlogger is getting clues like these when I’m looking for something lol.

It feels devastating. It’s silly, I know. That tumbler isn’t the best. It leaks and I don’t use the french press lid anymore. But it’s cute and I had it pre-ordered from Europe so it costs a lot, and I love the color so much. Also, I couldn’t find it anywhere here in the Philippines.


That’s what I lost.

What I gained is something of similar color haha. The bucket hat I tried on the other day haha.

My husband promised me a bucket hat so I’ve been trying a few every time we go out. I tried this on the other day and thought it looks cute.

My tumbler huhu

Didn’t buy it immediately cos I wanted to get my husband’s opinon first. Of course he said it’s cute wahaha. But I wanted his opinion mainly about the price cos it’s a whopping 2.5k for a bucket hat, wth? But seriously, thank you Jeckie!

I also bought myself a new tumbler quick. I looked at the variety of tumblers from Aquaflask and settled for the smallest one in black.

The one that comes in off-white is too big for me (20oz) and my Bodum tumbler is 350ml so I got the closest one which is 14oz. It’s their smallest too. Normally I want all my tumblers to fit my hand so I can wash it properly, but I made an exception for this one cos I was in a rush to get a replacement. We’re going out of town this weekend and I need coffee in the car.

Oh well. Still gonna look for alternatives.