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Diet day 1

I’m 5’2″, weighing my heaviest ever at 161lbs (73kgs) and I badly want to regain my fitness. Today is day 1 of my supposed Biggest Loser challenge with my husband. I started the day with an ACV capsule, then for breakfast I had coffee, granola and milk.

I’m at the office right now and for dinner I had quite a feast at Go!Salads after learning there’s a branch that’s walking distance from here. I got my favorite combo – Sweet Caroline salad and Guzzler, and also added Chicken Kebab Panini cos I was hungry.

I’m trying to practice eating before I get hungry, so I don’t overeat. But I don’t know when exactly I get hungry so today’s quite a dry run.

Apparently I’m already too hungry at 5pm after having breakfast at 2:30pm. Okay let’s work on that haha.

I really hate how I look right now. Despite my husband always saying I’m beautiful and not that fat, I can’t feel secure right when I can’t fit into XL clothes anymore. I fit a bunch of clothes at Uniqlo the other day and I look big in all of them. Well, I am pretty big right now no denying that haha.

The goal with this challenge is to lose weight (at least for me), and our strategy is to eliminate added salt and sugar in our daily meals. Our menu for the week is just boiled chicken and airfried veggies every day, no additional seasoning. Cereals and milk for breakfast, peanuts or apples for snacks. Also lots of water, lemon, and chia seeds haha.

Hope it works! I really want to get in shape this year! It’s been difficult just getting up from the bed huhu.