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2023 recap: highlights and stuff

The good, the bad, and the ugly in no particular order:

✱ I got injured playing badminton

✱ I saved a total of Php4,500 worth of 50s! Pamasko rin yan!

✱ I got an award at work for passing the software support new hire onboarding exams, which apparently only 2 people passed. I always thought it was weird to get an award for it but it came at a point I was struggling with imposter syndrome so it sure validated me!

✱ I opened a GoTrade account and started putting small amounts at a time

✱ My sister got a total thyroidectomy and I was her watcher for a few days

✱ Celebrated Jeckie’s birthday in Angeles where we blew a tire on the way to haha #adventure

✱ I got an annual incentive, additional bonus, and an unexpected salary increase of 6.5k/mo just for meeting expectations

✱ I bought a Hurom juicer ♥

✱ And a pretty office chair from IKEA ♥

✱ Stayed at Nobu Hotel, Martingaled the roulette, and squandered our earnings on food, our accommodation, and more food.

✱ Welcomed Koomi in our lives 🐾

… which spiraled out on control for a while

✱ Back to my badminton injury, I got reinjured at the gym, and had to undergo ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery. To date, I’m still trying to recover full flexion and extension. It’s been largely depressing how slow my progress is, but I’m hopeful.

✱ Started going to rehab

✱ Moved to a bigger unit and spent over 300k furnishing the place

✱ Gifted myself with a lot of stuff this year… starting with new rubber shoes

✱ New fitness watch

✱ New piano

✱ A double induction cooker…

✱ And finally a new vacuum. My dream vacuum! ♥

✱ 2 of my cards got auto-CLIed. One got 100% more and the other was given 50% more. Right when I’m not using them much recently. I wish I knew how to use my credit properly cos right now I’m just spending it on purchases. Hope to maybe learn to do business with it?

Anyway that’s it! I don’t know how much I spent this year but I know it’s a lot more than we used to (because of the move). It’s a pretty abundant year for us and I’m thankful! ♥