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Oh my goodness I can finally say I’ve COMPLETELY migrated my domain from the overly outdated platform that is Blogger/Blogspot whatever, to WordPress!

Somebody give me a pat on the back, I freaking toiled over this for weeeeks!

Now if I die and nobody renews my domain and hosting, my online diary is gone forever.

Whereas if I kept blogging under free hosting, even if my domain doesn’t get renewed, my blog will still be alive under a subdomain so it will outlive me.

Anyway, I decided not to care because I don’t intend for my legacy to be a treasure trove of embarrasment and bad grammar. I will not be remembered that way.

I will not be remembered.

Anywhooo. The biggest challenge with this whole migration thing is THE COMMENTS. Half the battle was trying to make Disqus appear. If I hadn’t read this article I wouldn’t have learned why it’s not showing no matter what I do. And it took me days to figure out how to describe my problem exactly, cos there were freaking layers to it.

Layers I’m proud to have peeled off as I dug deeper (into my skin) about the impossibility of one of the most popular commenting systems not integrating with one of the most popular blogging platforms. It just doesn’t make sense. So I knew I needed to refine my problem statement.

The development of my searches went this way…

  • Disqus not showing on wordpress blog
  • Disqus not replacing native wordpress commenting system
  • Disqus not replacing default wordpress comment form
  • Disqus and wpDiscuz not showing
  • Disqus not working on new wordpress themes
  • Disqus not showing on full site editor block editor wordpress site
  • How to install wpdiscuz on modern wordpress theme

And then finally I chanced upon the abovementioned article saying you should do away with the native comments block and replace it with a shortcode instead. AAAARGGHHH.

So yeah. When that was done, what’s left to do is map the comments to their respective posts, specially that the URL format has changed. And that’s another deal in itself.

I had to scour through all of the comments made in Disqus and made sure the post URLs is Disqus is the same as the URLs in this blog, otherwise the comments won’t load. It was such a tedious job, and I was already halfway into it when I realized I could automate the part where I check if the URL returns a 404. Wth, I could’ve saved myself a looot of time.

But now that it’s all good, I can rest!

It was both tiring and fun working on this project. Definitely a trip down memory lane looking at my old posts and everyone’s comments. Made me feel nostalgic. I miss the times when I would just write and write and write without any care for cohesion or good grammar. And miss the days when I have an actual blog list I can read and friends who check on me through my blog.

I miss it. It was fun. I miss my friends!

Happy Holidays!