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Month: November 2023

  • Annoying horizonal scrollbar

    Been trying to fix the comment section on my blog after discovering that it’s causing a wide white space causing a horizontal scrollbar to show. Disabling the comment section removes the white space (that’s how I discovered it) but I need my comments section so I’m still trying to figure it out. I tried replacing… Continue reading

  • Seriously


    I just wrote about this a few hours ago and now I have one! Guess my birthday’s not over, I keep gifting myself unnecessary stuff lol. Hopefully I’ll come to like this! Excited to unbox this one! Continue reading

  • What is up

    I really need to frkn work on my Youtube backlogs. My earnings are dwindling. Had a fun birthday staycation at Tagaytay. First time to bring Koomi this far so we were a bit apprehensive. Packed a lot of stuff. Had to bring a cart with us. Normally we just bring 2 backpacks with us. Koomi… Continue reading

  • Today: How do you manage screen time for yourself?

    Oh I don’t. And I need help. Last night, I promised to sleep as soon as I got in bed. Unfortunately, I found myself doom scrolling right after I set my morning alarms, next thing I know an hour as passed and my head is starting to hurt. And yet I couldn’t stop scrolling. Later… Continue reading

  • New shoes!

    New shoes!

    First of the many gifts I intend to give myself on my birth month. Been wanting to replace my rubber shoes for a while now but I couldn’t find a style I liked from Skechers. I wanted something similar to what I used to have, machine washable, and easy to put on. I’ve tried on… Continue reading

  • Today: Invent a holiday! Explain how and why everyone should celebrate.

    Annual Birth Month Tax Holiday. No income tax withheld from your salary on your birth month. I haven’t really thought about the economic repercussions but I’d get an extra 27k+ every year which is not bad. And for my birth month that’s gonna go a long way! But that’s about as much thought as I… Continue reading