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Month: October 2023

  • Today: What food would you say is your specialty?

    I would say Guga Rub Steak and Truffle Mac and Cheese. Also oatmeal raisin cookies and banana cake. Caesar salad too, with dressing made from scratch. I don’t know if I love to cook but I know I love to eat! Who doesn’t haha. Hmm. Might as well prepare them for my birthday! Today is… Continue reading

  • Today: Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

    It all depends on what I have planned and if I’m able to do any of it. Any day I’m not able to do what I planned to do is an unproductive one. If there’s no plan at all, then there’s nothing to produce. Just like the past few weeks at work. We’ve been bombarded… Continue reading

  • Birthday wishlist

    It’s RTO day today. Surprisingly parking is full in the building so I had to park in an open area two blocks away. This never happens, it’s the first time I encountered full parking in the office building. At least when I got parking rights hehe. And it’s a Monday. Nobody usually comes in on… Continue reading

  • [2023] My Driver’s License Renewal Experience at LTO Estancia

    [2023] My Driver’s License Renewal Experience at LTO Estancia

    Yey! Finally got my 10-year valid driver’s license in plastic card! That’s freaking rare given that there’s a shortage of cards around and some people are only given a printout of their DLs so yeah I’m pretty lucky! Here’s how it went… Branch: LTO EstanciaDay: FridayTime in: 12:30PMTime out: 1:30PM The actual processing actually only… Continue reading

  • Today

    A bunch of things I need to do today before I get swamped with meetings Work related: That’s really all I want to be able to do or at least start doing today. On a much bigger scale I also need to fix my projects’ Confluence pages and organize the documentations over there. Personal stuff:… Continue reading

  • Today: When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

    That would be when I applied for a checking account. I had to get one because we were gonna rent a parking space that required PDCs. When I finally got hold of my first checkbook I felt the rush of adulthood wave past me. Like I earned a level up badge in life. I didn’t… Continue reading