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Month: July 2023

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Wounds and Their Care

    In our daily lives, wounds, whether minor or severe, are inevitable. They could result from a simple kitchen mishap, a tumble on the playground, or a more serious accident. Knowing how to correctly identify and treat different types of wounds is an invaluable skill, potentially preventing minor injuries from becoming serious and helping serious wounds… Continue reading

  • I’m so tired

    Urgh I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to make this PowerShell module work but it just won’t run consistently! Module in question is dfinke/ImportExcel. My problem is I’ve been getting the error  Unable to find type [OfficeOpenXml.ExcelPackage]randomly a lot which has prompted me to do several things which sometimes work and sometimes won’t. What… Continue reading

  • Smart Strategies For Starting A Fitness Business

    Starting a fitness enterprise can be incredibly rewarding. Indeed, you can enjoy assisting people in reaching their exercise objectives and living a better lifestyle. Research shows that the industry is projected to grow by 171% by 2028. The numbers make it compelling to consider starting a fitness center, whether full-time or as a part-time gig. Are you a… Continue reading

  • [Recovery Logs] ACL reconstruction surgery with meniscus repair

    See I knew something was wrong when it’s been 10 weeks since my knee injury (from playing badminton) and I haven’t fully recovered yet. For reference, here’s my previous recovery logs where I didn’t recover at all lol: For context, I got injured playing badminton on January, let myself rest for a couple of weeks,… Continue reading

  • Get a Frenchie they said, it will be fun they said

    I feel like I’m in a state of paralysis at work. I have loads to do but don’t know where to start. I have a bunch of open items that aren’t moving and I feel like if I could just close at least one project I would gain some momentum with doing the others. But… Continue reading