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What’s up lately… 

✱ Joined Anytime Fitness

Since Fitness First Megamall closed down, we’ve moved to Anytime Fitness Pioneer which is nearer, a bit cheaper, and has free parking, so not bad. I miss FF though cos it has better amenities. AF doesn’t even have a lounge where I can wait for my husband when I’m done working out. Also no coffee haha. And their bathrooms and lockers stink. Really not much to do except work out. I even got “scammed” with their group exercises cos they posted they have something everyday at 12nn, which excited me cos that’s when we usually go to the gym, turns out if no one registers in their app (which doesn’t work), then the class will be cancelled. So guess what, ever since we started there I’ve never seen a group class in action. 

✱ Surrendered our 10yr+ old VUL policy with Philam

We’ve been paying for a life insurance with VUL policy with Philam for over 10yrs so you’d think we can stop paying already and just let it grow no? Nope. Because the economy has been on a downward trend for so long, the VUL aspect of our policy is losing, and because every month they charge an admin fee, when we stop topping up it will get the fees from our investment returns instead. And so we’re losing even more. Based on my records we’ve paid over 200k++ on one policy and when we surrendered it we only got ~145k. Huge loss but at least we’ve cut it. 

So now we just bought a new product, that is…

✱ ACP100 (AIA Critical Protect 100)

… one without investment features, purely protection (life and critical illness) which is more practical for us cos we’re already saving and investing in stocks elsewhere. I’ve never really looked into insurance policies before, I usually just let my mom buy stuff for me and reap off of it. But now that we’ve actually incurred losses from our policies, I gathered I didn’t want to just get insurance for the sake of it. I need to freaking look at the product I’m buying. Good thing my sister seconded getting ACP100 cos she got one for herself and knowing her she studies everything she buys so I’m in! 😊

Also a good thing my parents are our own insurance agents so processing claims is so easy we just need to supply everything they required. ♥

✱ Celebrated my husband’s birthday at Angeles

Two weeks ago we drove to Pampanga for Jeckie’s birthday, and also to celebrate our regularizationss hahaha. Super adventure cos it’s our first time driving up north for vacation and sakto naman we ran a flat tire along NLEX haha stresss! Good thing my husband knows how to change a tire and I uhm just helped with the flashlight and hauling things from the trunk haha. I couldn’t even carry a tire for my own sake so that’s probably my new fitness goal right now hahaha I wanna be strong enough to be able to handle changing a flat tire alone. You may watch my vlog here! https://youtu.be/RLDao5otlXk

I loved our staycation cos our airbnb is super pretty and it’s been on my wishlist for sooo long. We ate a lot and really enjoyed our beautiful bungalow. They’re on airbnb but I booked them on facebook para cheaper.

Tip: if you can find the facebook page of the airbnb you can book direct cos it’s usually cheaper. BUT you have to legit-check. I do that by chatting them up on airbnb and messaging them on facebook asking to screenshot our convo on airbnb. That’s usually enough proof they actually handle the airbnb account. Don’t ever mention booking directly with them on airbnb cos they can be penalized for that. 

✱ I’m regular now!

The feeling is overwhelming. It’s only been 6 months and I already received my performance appraisal, and my corresponding performance bonus and annual increase, plus an additional bonus! This company is pretty generous. For a Meets Expectations rating I didn’t expect to get a significant raise. My bonus is even prorated but I’m already so grateful. I’m so eager to continuing meeting expectations next year HAHA. I mean, this is it. Who would’ve thought just meeting expectations could be this rewarding. I love it. I worked hard to really up my base pay because I know every increase, every bonus, even my next job… will base on that. And it’s finally paying off. I’m not even working that hard. I haven’t even deployed a single project. Which reminds me lol. I really have to work now hahaha.