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It’s day 4 in the hospital with my sister. She had total thyroidectomy on Thursday and I’ve been here since Wednesday evening watching over her. I’m her designated watcher but to be honest I’m not really watching haha, more like hanging around watching KDramas and bonding with her when she has the energy to hahaha. It’s my first time to watch over someone in the hospital and I damn well prepared for it. I knew my parents were gonna prepare for Terai so I focused on preparing for myself hahaha treat it like a little staycation lol. I don’t like the part where I get to be away from my husband for days but I also don’t like my sister left alone in the hospital. My parents are too old to be apart and there’s only one companion bed and I know none of their backs would survive this tiny cot. So it’s gotta be me, and I’m happy to. 😊

First thing I made sure before coming in is to check the network signal. I have to WFH so a strong signal is a must. Thankfully Smart 5G signal is super strong here at FEU Hospital so I’m able to hotspot from my phone and get things done, careful not to set any meetings cos I’m not really in a good place to engage in a call haha. My parents brought me a blanket, I brought Hedgy my flattest stuffed toy, I also bought change of clothes good for 4 days, toiletries, my V&M skin care, coffee, tea, my bigass tumbler, speakers, extension cord, my Kindle, and other gadget stuff. I’m all set hahaha.

I don’t really know what to do as a watcher besides alalayan sya generally but I’ve come to itemize some basic things I found myself doing the past few days:

  • Wheel the IV stand whenever she needs to pee. Easy enough cos the night leading to her operation she’s on a fast so she didn’t pee much, and after the operation she couldn’t eat properly so yeah, not much as far as her bladder is concerned. Oh wait it actually became concerning that she couldn’t drink anything and kept on choking post-op but it eased up on the following days as her throat muscles start to heal (she was intubated with anesthesia). By the time she can eat and drink properly she’s off the suero so she can handle herself hehehe
  • Assist in changing clothes. Easy too cos di naman sya naliligo wahahahaha
  • Bring stuff upstairs. Easy enough except that the elevator here is programmed to stop at every freaking level so that’s a bummer. And my parents like to bring stuff over lol like soup and fruit juices and water, anything we request actually since they just live nearby. So convenient! They brought us comforters cos the AC here in so freaking cold. Grabe ang sarap matulog with comforter very hayahay hahaha. Anyway. I had to go downstairs a lot. I hate walking cos my left knee still isn’t a-ok but it’s fine hehe.
  • Be present when the doctor needs me. Which never really happened because Terai is a grown ass ahjumma and the operation didn’t really damage her comprehension haha so she can take the grown up talk by herself hahaha. Howeverrrr, during her operation I was summoned to the operating room because the doctor wants to talk to the companion daw. I was so groggy and alarmed at the same time because isn’t this the part where they say something went wrong and shit?! So I came down to the OR and asked for my sister. They told me they already talked to someone and I was like huhh but I’m the only companion, so they made me repeat the patient’s surname, they had it checked, and as it turns out they called the wrong number and the patient in question has a similar sounding surname, and that my sister is still on the table and I should go back to sleep. What the fuck right? Way to traumatize me on my first stint? (Not that I want more)
  • Assist in discharging procedures? I’m guessing I have to do some paperwork to get us out tomorrow so yeah.
  • Pack up and carry everything. They have a trolley we can request for and our parents are picking us up so no biggie.

All of those things I kinda expected but I didn’t realize that the brunt of being a watcher goes to not getting enough sleep from all the doctors and nurses coming in an out every few hours to check on the patient. It’s easy enough to drag the IV stand whenever Terai needs to pee but to be awaken ever so often when her vitals need checking, it’s become annoying. Thank God they told us we can request for vitals to get checked during waking hours only so that’s a relief! The visits lessened. Hope they suggested it earlier though haha. But still, I think we’re still being visited at least 5x throughout the day lol

Anyway. Post-op was the worst. She was wheeled out 8am and came back around 5pm? She couldn’t eat nor drink. Her neck, shoulders, and throat hurt. She chokes on anything she tries to ingest, and she’s been coughing incessantly, spitting out saliva and phlegm that’s been building up in her swollen throat. She had trouble breathing so she was nebulized a few rounds. She also got a fever which is why we extended for a day. It’s day 2 post-op and she’s feeling a lot better now, she’s eaten normal food and junk food hehe so hopefully we’re out tomorrow!

Please pray for my sister’s speedy recovery! 🙏