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Just a random photo in the house

I’ve been dreaming of a Honda CR-V a lot lately. Specifically the 7-seater Diesel Turbo version.


I want a CR-V mostly because I want something bigger that would fit my entire family comfortably. And I love how it looks, specially before I came to the price haha. I mean we’re just five people (me, Jeckie, mommy, daddy, and Terai) but I want to give my mom a lot of room for her things and my sister a whole backseat row whenever we go out of town (which is the dream) haha. Thing is, we can’t really afford it. Uhh maybe we can but it would come at the cost of slashing our allowance in half, and selling our current car. I actually prefer the 2018 model but I don’t think I can still get it brand new these days. 

It’s nice to dream. Jeckie and I told ourselves that if we have to get a bigger car might as well get one with more capacity, otherwise our trusty Vios is more than good enough. Anyway, when it all comes down to it we can’t possibly maintain a CR-V lol. Comprehensive insurance costs 3x what we pay for our sedan, not to mention other costs of maintenance like PMS, tires, and other expensive parts.


It’s not just a car I’m dreaming of lately. I also want our own home. A 2-3 bedroom pet friendly east facing condo with a spacious balcony and accessible parking in a central area like where we live now or somewhere less dusty, equally urban, quiet, with lots of green spaces and hole in the walls. Hahahaha how specific.

It just came to mind when I was looking at Fitness First Greenhills on Google street view (by the way, our home gym is closing down so we’re transferring our membership to Greenhills branch). It’s located at the commercial area of The Viridian and I thought how nice would it be to have the gym so near? Hahaha So I checked the rental rates at Viridian, got dreamy for a while, but then immediately filed it under “Keep dreaming”. Just like with the CR-V.