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Month: February 2023

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    An Introduction to Waistdear Waist Trainers Service

    Waist training is a popular trend these days, and for good reason. It promises to help you achieve an hourglass figure by cinching your waist and training it to be smaller over time. However, not all waist trainers are created equal. That’s where waistdear comes in. We offer a waist trainer service that delivers results.…

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  • Watcher duties

    It’s day 4 in the hospital with my sister. She had total thyroidectomy on Thursday and I’ve been here since Wednesday evening watching over her. I’m her designated watcher but to be honest I’m not really watching haha, more like hanging around watching KDramas and bonding with her when she has the energy to hahaha.…

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  • Filed under Keep Dreaming

    I’ve been dreaming of a Honda CR-V a lot lately. Specifically the 7-seater Diesel Turbo version. I want a CR-V mostly because I want something bigger that would fit my entire family comfortably. And I love how it looks, specially before I came to the price haha. I mean we’re just five people (me, Jeckie,…

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  • Recovery logs

    In light of my recent injury, here’s how I’ve been coping so far… ✱ Week 1 • Jan 15 – Date of injury (left knee). Took Advil, applied ice pack. Pain level 7/10. Couldn’t walk properly. I can drive though. Was able to shower alone too. Can’t bend nor straighten. Slept with a knee support…

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