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To my future injured self


So, you got injured. Again. Bet it’s one of your knees. Playing badminton I presume? Chased a long shot? Tripped on uneven surface? Not enough warm-up? Wrong series of footwork? Did you forget to wear knee support? Whatever the reason may be, I hope it’s not as painful as the last. I know you don’t enjoy getting injured but being that it’s becoming an annual thing for you, maybe it’s time to put up a guide on how to deal with it. Hopefully you won’t need this but you know, just in case…

Remember to RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate)

Rest your knees, apply cold compress to reduce swelling, wear knee support for compression, and elevate your knee to improve blood circulation.

Additionally, take NSAIDs 3x a day for 3-4 days to reduce inflammation. Advil or Alaxan (Ibuprofen) works. Based on your medical records they used to prescribe Celecoxib for pain but I’m not sure if you can get that over the counter.

It may take 2-6 weeks before you can walk properly again, but you can slowly incorporate mobility exercises to strengthen your knee. Like this seated knee extension with resistance.

Take your glucosamine and chondroitin supplements religiously and don’t forget to stay active and keep moving. Also, learn proper footwork for God’s sake. Maybe you can try cycling on a stationary bike to strengthen your knees. Girl, you really need to step up your fitness regimen. Your weight is probably bringing you down too, like literally.

It’s frustrating, this pain. Can’t walk, can’t run, can’t workout, can’t play badminton. But hey, in the meantime while you’re recovering, take things slow. Finish that goddamned book and start a new one. Pray. Read the Bible properly. Eat healthy. Quit slumping your back.

Frustratingly yours,
Your currently injured self who can’t wait to play again