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Month: January 2023

  • To my future injured self

    Goddamit, So, you got injured. Again. Bet it’s one of your knees. Playing badminton I presume? Chased a long shot? Tripped on uneven surface? Not enough warm-up? Wrong series of footwork? Did you forget to wear knee support? Whatever the reason may be, I hope it’s not as painful as the last. I know you…

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  • 8 Ways To Relax Today

    The state of relaxation is somewhat like a unicorn. It does not seem attainable at all. Unlike the mythical unicorn, you can find several enjoyable ways to relieve stress and feel comfortable. Try one or all of these tips to obtain more peace and zen in your life today. 1. Just relax. Telling someone to…

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  • Wrapping up 2022

    Heya! Here’s my last Weekly Monotony for 2022, a lengthy 20 minute vlog about how the past week went by! I kinda forgot to split this into two vlogs but whatever haha you may watch it here below ⬇️ Weekly Monotony (Dec 26 – Jan 1 2023 Vlog) • click here to watch This one’s a pretty…

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