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Not feeling it

✱ I don’t know if I like it here. It’s only been 3 months though. There’s not much going on besides working and getting paid on time, which is great in itself. But the lack of things, events, or people to look forward to makes the experience pretty dull for me. I can’t help compare but during this time of the year at White & Case we have something to look forward to almost every week starting November until January next year. 13th month, Christmas Basket, leave conversions, Holiday Ball, the suspenseful Thank You bonus message, salary increase and performance bonus discussion, and the tons of foods, events and eat-outs. It’s super duper festive at White & Case and I miss it. I terribly miss it.

Here, the “big” Christmas party where over a thousand participants attended was held online, and the raffle prizes are so small like the grand prize was a 32 inch Android TV. I sound so ungrateful but I just wasn’t excited about the prizes lol. But I did get picked in a raffle and won 1k GCash so not bad. Definitely not bad considering I think it’s the first time ever that I got picked in a company raffle haha.

Yun lang, it just feels… sad. Our office looks drab, I don’t like the seat sharing idea, I have no friends (yet), and my WTAX for the past two months has totaled to 130k already because of the tax annualization shit so besides not feeling the festivities I also feel so fucking poor right now. Fucking taxes eating my holiday spirit. That’s it. I feel poor so I feel bad.

If anything, I thank God that despite the alarming tax deduction which I was not prepared for, what’s left of my salary is enough to pay all our monthly liabilities.

✱ Last week one of our tail lights got busted so we had it replaced, was even stressing about it cos I thought it was gonna cost a fortune, turns out it’s an easy thing to do by yourself. Then the following week one of our head lights got busted so we had that replaced too, thank God for YouTube lol. So apparently, our bulbs are all nearing their lifespan so we’re gonna have to replace everything in one go so they all die at the same time and not hassle us. It’s been 6 years so might as well!

✱ I was also sick the entire week. Started feeling bad on Sunday then it developed into a fever. Three days in and my temp peaked at 38.5C so I went to the ER to get checked. Tested negative on antigen so I’m just taking meds for the symptoms. I have sore throat, cough, and allergies. Sucks but I hope it’s my annual Christmas fever so I’ll be over it before the important weekends start… which is tomorrow! 

✱ I promised myself to read all day so how about getting into that right? Surrounded by Idiots making me me feel like an idiot. What a drag.

✱ Hope you’re feeling better than I am!