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What sucks

✱ Sucks that Kindle Cloud Reader doesn’t permit reading of sideloaded books. Though who am I to complain haha. Maybe when I get super rich I wouldn’t mind buying books directly from Amazon because what’s wasting ~500 pesos on a potentially bad book right? I can just earn it lol. But right now, despite the little bit of hassle and the risk of getting badly digitized copies, I still prefer downloading through Z-lib. If Kinde Unlimited was truly unlimited I would have subscribed to it instead of downloading books one by one, but I know KU doesn’t carry the same variety Kindle has so nevermind, plus at the rate at which I’m reading, I feel like paying $10 a month would be a waste. Although wait, if I average at least one book a month that would make the subscription fee worth it right? Considering a book is also around $10. Hmmm. Nope.

✱ I checked my Adsense earnings and found that my web and channel earnings have been segregated already which sucks cos it’s gonna take longer to reach the withdrawal threshold now that they’re split into separate accounts with separate thresholds. My web earnings is only around $10 and my Youtube is at $110, I wish I could combine them so I could reach threshold faster but oh well. My web earnings is probably gonna take another decade to reach threshold and youtube, uhm, if I get a steady amount of views despite my lack of new review content lately, maybe two years hahahuhu. Totally not looking forward to this anymore lol.

✱ Last week we went to Megamall to look for a monitor cos I just returned the ones I’m using back to White & Case. Thought I could buy them out, turns out they’re not yet for lease return. And here I am excitedly looking for something exactly like what the office had provided me only to realize they were hella expensive lol. I thought monitors are cheap, like 3k cheap. Anyway. The one I used to work on is a Dell U2419H which is super great it’s got like 5 USB ports, HDMI, DP, and can be mounted with a VESA plate. It’s been the perfect monitor for my current setup where I alternate between my work laptop and personal computer everyday. Work laptop to HDMI, and my personal laptop to the DP. Which is why it’s extremely important for me to get HDMI and DP, not HDMI and VGA like what most monitors have.

I tried to look for something similar online but couldn’t find anything brand new. Added a bunch of models to my Shopee and Lazada cart hoping SM Cyberzone would have something on-hand that doesn’t cost too much, unfortunately there were none that fit my specs requirements moreso my budget lol. I thought I’d get a good deal since it’s 9.9 haha in the end I checked-out a BenQ (bengk? ben-q? hahaha) monitor from Lazada for a little over 6k (after promos and discounts) that checked all the boxes except for having USB ports for charging. So now I’m patiently waiting for it to get delivered. Last I checked it’s been picked up already. I can’t wait argh.

✱ My stomach has been hurting for two days now I don’t know why. Last thing I ate before this was Behrouz’ Chicken Biryani, and that was really good so if I may have caught something from that, well, no regrets lol. It’s weird cos my tummy hurts but I don’t feel like pooping haha it’s uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt so much, maybe a 5/10. It sucks cos the pain level doesn’t merit a sick leave, but the discomfort makes me want to just lie down the whole day. Hay.

✱ I smell like siomai

✱ Looks like my manager isn’t coming in to the office today. Maybe I can squeeze in some reading time to get back on track with Surrounded by Idiots. I’m so close to not finishing it as it’s not as interesting as I thought it would be. It’s merely an elaboration of the four temperaments; sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, color coded into red, yellow, blue, and green respectively so it’s easier to remember and attribute to people. So far it’s been okay. Nothing mind-blowing. All I know is I’m most likely a combination of green and blue. Usually quiet, reserved, agreeable to a fault, with lots of inner turmoil lol. That’s me pretty much. Still, I wanna get over this quickly so I can jump in to a novel. I need a story. This book is boring.

✱ My other blog, www.surfandperf.com is blocked in this machine (my work laptop) for being “suspicious” and I don’t know why. I’ve already enabled https but it’s still the same so I have no idea what’s wrong. I may have to look at the add-ons and the bunch of js gibberish and remove anything remotely suspicious. Usually it’s the outdated link references, but I wonder why even my empty blogs are restricted argh. I’m bummed because that’s where all of my work notes are, in article format so it would suck big time to be denied access to it. Would be awkward to request for my own blog to be unblocked here haha. On the plus side, this one is accessible so I’m okay. At least I have an outlet.

✱ Hope I don’t forget to bring home the samosas I kept in the ref earlier. Got them from Assad Mini Mart, just right behind the office. I would love to look around more inside but I couldn’t risk smelling like masala when I get back to the office. The store smells very strongly of Indian spices and while that’s heavenly for me, it may not be the case to the people around me haha. Sucks.

✱ I wonder when they’ll credit my first paycheck. Is it on the day itself or a bit advanced? lol. Been refreshing the banking app ad nauseum and it’s only the 13th hahaha. Well, it’s already the 13th! Super spoiled at White & Case where they’d credit our paychecks at least two days early, sometimes even a week before, for unknown reasons. And on the rare times it falls on the dot, we all lose our minds haha.