A very personal blog

This week

Starting the weekend on a thankful note!

✱ It’s our fifth year anniversary yesterday!

Welcomed it with buffalo wings and cheese tart! Will celebrate more (expensively lol) over the weekend hehe ♥

✱ I got my backpay this week! 💸

And it took less than a month wow. Usually backpays take three months minimum and an enraged follow up with HR lol. But yeah, thanks White & Case! You the best!

So where did my money go?

✓ Most of it went to replenishing our emergency funds and paying our insurance policies

✓ I was also able to fully pay my iphone omg can you imagine the bragging rights haha 

✓ Booked a staycation for our anniv ♥

✓ Bought new bed sheets (long overdue) and a taller shoe cabinet

✓ The rest I spent on Shopee on random stuff like a karaoke mic hihi, a tripod, collagen drink, an ipad case, some stickers, leather tape, etc. You know, stuff that’s been sitting in my cart for ages. Then I went ahead and added some more bwahaha. We just can’t leave our carts empty right?

✓ Oh yeah I saved some too haha. That’s me pretending to be a responsible adult. 

I’m so excited to receive the items I checked out but I’m also worried they’ll arrive over the weekend when we’re not here! Our reception doesn’t hold items anymore and charges 50/day for items unclaimed within 24 hours so that sucks.

✱ Completed mandatory trainings

I’ve completed all the mandatory trainings assigned to me during onboarding, so now I’m left with nothing to do. Again. Still don’t have my admin account, let alone admin rights so I can at least begin installing stuff. Oh well. Every time I raise it to my teammates they’re pretty lax about it and tell me it’s fine, enjoy it while you can haha. Guess I’ll do just that. 

✱ Decluttered a bunch of stuff

Feels great to free the house of clutter every once in a while. I gave away a lot of things, and it felt so good cos I get to reclaim a little bit of space in the house, you know so I could put in more things bwahaha.

✱ My knees are recovering yey

Same old injury that keeps plaguing me every now and then. I thought I’ve overcome the fear of straining my knees during badminton but seems like I need to condition myself more. I wear knee support on both of my knees now lol. This one doesn’t seem so bad though, unlike before where I had to use crutches. The moment my knee clicked in pain, I sat down, put ointment, and did a couple of knee circles. Thank God it’s not too bad and I’m still able to walk properly though I had to sleep with my leg raised on a pillow because the swelling is painful. I wasn’t able to come to work Tuesday as scheduled because I couldn’t walk around with a painful knee, much more ride an angkas. Thankfully, the following days are much better.

Hoping for a great weekend! ♥