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Month: September 2022

  • This week

    Starting the weekend on a thankful note! ✱ It’s our fifth year anniversary yesterday! Welcomed it with buffalo wings and cheese tart! Will celebrate more (expensively lol) over the weekend hehe ♥ ✱ I got my backpay this week! 💸 And it took less than a month wow. Usually backpays take three months minimum and an…

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  • What sucks

    ✱ Sucks that Kindle Cloud Reader doesn’t permit reading of sideloaded books. Though who am I to complain haha. Maybe when I get super rich I wouldn’t mind buying books directly from Amazon because what’s wasting ~500 pesos on a potentially bad book right? I can just earn it lol. But right now, despite the…

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  • One to ten

    13:15 It’s day 5 in my new job. I’ve met some of my teammates, attended some meetings, and submitted everything that’s required of me hoping I didn’t miss anything. I’m not doing much yet. Understandably.  I’m the only one present in this lane (so far). One of my teammates is sick, the other is remote,…

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