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hay jusko

Heya. Guess I just wanna rant. I’ve been waiting for my HSBC Cash Advance Pin letter for over a month so I had to request for a reprint and now it’s been two weeks and it’s still not with me. It’s a fucking pin letter so I assumed it will just be dropped in the mailbox just like all of the cash advance pins I’ve received in my life. Turns out I have to receive it personally and if I didn’t call the lobby I wouldn’t know that the courier has been here already yesterday and I FUCKING NEVER KNEW. Like how was I supposed to know? Courier never reached out, lobby never reached out, so what now? How come the courier didn’t even think to inform its recipient that it’s coming right now? More so, how come HSBC didn’t even think to include my number in the parcel? That’s so fucking basic so I’m fuming mad about the incompetence running around in this matter. Don’t even get me started with our condo lobby who can’t even load up a mobile phone so it could call its residents who don’t have landline, instead of going up in our super slow elevators to knock on doors. That’s just so stupid. Everything is stupid.

On the plus side, at least I know now that my letter is actually being delivered and it’s just not reaching me for stupid reasons. I’m starting to hate it here. Move someplace with intercom at least, and better receptionists. Or probably just install a doorbell. What the fuck are we paying for.

Anyway. I think I’ve calmed down. I just need to get the fucking pin so I could fucking register to online banking. That’s fucking it.