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I’m not ready

Urgh I don’t wanna go back to work yet but my work is piling and there’s just so many things waiting for me to attend to, plus I don’t want to finish up all my sick leaves because of this. Wish the company would give us more sick leave credits in light of this fucking mess, oh and also reimburse our test expenses, what with all the profits we earned last year right? Right. If it’s not asking too much of course lol.

Truth is, I’m not feeling 100% yet. I still get bouts of headaches from time to time and it sucks because I’m out of pain medication. My throat still hurts and my cough and colds are still persisting. The meds I ordered from Southstar Drug last week is still currently being ignored, and they’re totally unresponsive despite all the communication channels laid out. They even limited commenting across their socials. Hopefully they don’t charge my card yet cos I dont’ wanna deal with them anymore tbh. Urgh.

I wish we had a better HMO plan, one that’s trully hassle free. Where we don’t need to look for accredited this and that in order to get treated cos admittedly it’s causing me more headaches dealing with Intellicare than my own fucking illness. Urgh.

And I also hope Southstar Drug would get their heads right and just disable their site altogether if they can’t deal with the surge of online orders. It doesn’t make sense for the shop to still be up when they haven’t cleared their queue yet. Urgh.

Gosh I hate this week. It’s bad enough we’re all sick but then we can’t recover in peace because we’d have to queue for tests, consulations, and we couldn’t even get medicines. It’s hard to get some groceries, hard to do the laundry. My gosh it’s so hard to function when you’re competing with the rest of the world to get attended to.

Dear God please help us!!!