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Year: 2022

  • Not feeling it

    ✱ I don’t know if I like it here. It’s only been 3 months though. There’s not much going on besides working and getting paid on time, which is great in itself. But the lack of things, events, or people to look forward to makes the experience pretty dull for me. I can’t help compare but…

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    Frkn migraine

    I’ve been having frequent headaches recently. Normally it comes a week before my period, I’ll have it for one whole day and it’s hell, but now I have one almost everyday, at random times, and I’m still on my period. I notice I get headaches when I get up too late, or when I’m hungry,…

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    Life Lately

    ✱ Reading  I’ve been stuck on Surrounded by Idiots for months but I don’t want to quit it because it feels wrong lol. You know when you get a really boring books it takes ages for you to finish and it’s frustrating because you can’t skip to the next one without feeling weird that you abandoned a book…

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  • Does Your Career Leave You Feeling Dissatisfied? Read This Guide Now

     It’s far too common for people to feel dissatisfied with their career, and the effect that this can have on your day to day quality of life as well as your general mental health is astounding. Being unhappy in the workplace is an issue that needs to be addressed, as you likely spend upwards of…

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  • Everything material is immaterial

    I wanted to share a lot of things that happened in the past couple of weeks but it feels too late now like all of the emotions I have at the time have gone already so I couldn’t write about it blow by blow. But let me try… On October 1, on the way to…

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  • This week

    Starting the weekend on a thankful note! ✱ It’s our fifth year anniversary yesterday! Welcomed it with buffalo wings and cheese tart! Will celebrate more (expensively lol) over the weekend hehe ♥ ✱ I got my backpay this week! 💸 And it took less than a month wow. Usually backpays take three months minimum and an…

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