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Month: December 2021

  • Today

    I think I’ve always been someone who’s easily stressed, but the pandemic just made me more aware of it. I’m still twirling my hair compulsively like a madman and while it drives me crazy knowing there’s something mentally wrong with me, I haven’t even taken the first step into identifying what the fuck is causing…

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    How to Avoid Clothing Malfunctions and Hide Body Rolls?

    Sometimes, no matter how good your clothes are, accidents and malfunctions still happen. It is indeed stressful when you catch yourself off-guard and do not know what to do in times of emergency.  But, there is always an acceptable difference between knowing what to do in unforeseen events and avoiding them beforehand. The latter will…

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  • Injured again

    I started going to the gym on December 1 on my husband’s behest hahaha. He wouldn’t grant me my choice of birthday gift, instead he enrolled me in a nearby gym where he started a month earlier. I didn’t like it at first but it really helped me feel better about my health. I want…

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