A very personal blog

Everything hurts

I’m frustrated about a lot of things lately…

★ ATRAM / SeedBoxPH won’t send my COP/COR emails

I didn’t know ATRAM has a notoriously unreliable email notification system and it sucks that I have to message them every fucking time just to ask for my order confirmation. It’s disappointing because I thought SeedBox PH has a better system than GInvest since it’s linked to ATRAM (being their official digital investment platform) but heck at least GInvest provides more transaction information on the app. If only they had more products I wouldn’t need to pull out from there.

★ Apple taking a while updating my pencil’s purchase date

My request has been forwarded to two teams so far as they can’t figure out what purchase date to use in my case.  The receipt I got shows the date in this format: MM/dd/YY and they can’t decide whether I got the item on October 9 or September 10 lol. I’m perplexed that this is an issue and I wonder why they can’t just take my word for it, which is October 9. If anything I don’t care what they put as long I get my warranty, one month lang naman difference argh.

★ Can’t decide on my leaves

I wanted to go on a week long vacation for my birthday but I know my remaining leave credits won’t cover it. There were a couple of changes for my birthday celebration. I don’t want to tell this blog cos I know it will jinx it lol just like it did the last time I mentioned it. So heck, not sharing anything specific so hopefully whatever bad juju this blog has can leave me alone.

★ Currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Hopefully I get to finish the book by this month. I’m one book short of completing my Goodreads 2021 challenge, and this highly acclaimed novel is something I’ve been wanting to read for so long. I bought a physical copy years ago, and that is currently browning and foxing in a cart somewhere here. I’m reading on my Kindle now and I can’t say I’m that enthralled by it. Anyway. 

★ Everything hurts

There’s a gym that opened up at SM Light which has a badminton court. Despite the low ceiling, it’s a delightful discovery for Jeckie and I as we’ve been hoping for a court to open up nearby. We’ve been casually cursing the Ethan Allen showroom everytime we pass by it in hopes it would go back to its previous form (a badminton court) lol, but that’s just wishful thinking. One court with a low ceiling is good enough. Thank you Lord!

We played with a couple of friends yesterday and maaan was it a real workout! It’s my first real workout since we went on a diet. My entire body hurts right now but I’m happy to report that my knee doesn’t seem to be that traumatized anymore. I’ve been avoiding physical strain on my knees for more than a year now, even though I know I’m already fully healed. I learned that in order to regain normal functioning I have to move it like usual so it doesn’t get stuck in a cautious state. Yikes. To be honest, I still can’t step in the car the normal way because I’m afraid of twisting my knee, but I’ll try hehe.

My waist, back, arms, thighs, and calves are terribly hurting right now. I didn’t know playing badminton could be a full body workout. I was so dead beat last night that I almost slept through my entire shift. Shhhh

★ Need to work on my airfyer review

But really, I don’t even know now. I need to cover a lot of things with our Philips airfyrer in order to make a valuable review but it’s such a tedious thing to write and record haha. We’ll see, we’ll see, I need to get this out so I could work on my next review (my mechanical keyboard).

★ Still not on track with my work deliverables

I have KTs and UAT fixes that are long overdue. If this continues I’ll be escalated and fired. Char. Hopefully not. Okay fine let’s work.