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Month: November 2021

  • Life lately and my latest read (It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover)

    I learned a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts today hahaha it’s the shortcuts for ♥, ♦, and • respectively. That’s a heart, a diamond, and a bullet point. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover the correct alt codes for them. They’re ALT + 3, ALT + 4, and ALT + 7… Continue reading

  • Our Okada Manila Experience

    Heya! Before you dive into this lengthy post with me ranting and raving about our Okada stay… here’s a video I uploaded on YouTube about my birthday celebration… Watch: My Okada & Nobu Birthday Celebration Soon! Okada Manila Tour – Deluxe King Bay View, The Retreat Spa, In-Room Dining I turned 31 on Tuesday and… Continue reading

  • Everything hurts

    I’m frustrated about a lot of things lately… ★ ATRAM / SeedBoxPH won’t send my COP/COR emails I didn’t know ATRAM has a notoriously unreliable email notification system and it sucks that I have to message them every fucking time just to ask for my order confirmation. It’s disappointing because I thought SeedBox PH has… Continue reading