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Month: September 2021

  • Motivational BS

    I attended a seminar our company set about building resilience in these trying times. I believe it’s the second time they organized something like this, so almost the same topic, just with a new speaker. Someone old and big in the BPO industry, employee #000001 in Convergy’s I heard. Someone who has written a motivational…

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  • ui ipad mini 6 hahaha

    iPad Mini 6 I love it! I knew it’s only a matter of time before the mini conforms to its bigger siblings. Been waiting for Apple Pencil 2 support and it’s finally here! So now the iPad Mini looks like the pros, gone with the touch ID button at the front and in with the…

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  • fully vaxxed at last

    Before I begin drowning in work, again, quick update: We just got fully vaccinated over the weekend. Thank you Lord! We got our 2nd jab of Moderna on Saturday, which we prepared for by taking a leave the day before to do errands. Good call though cos Jeckie and I were both knocked down the…

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    What’s up in bullets

    ✱ Work. Hay. I’m feeling super duper tired from work. There’s just too many things to do and they’re piling up uncontrollably on my lap! I can’t seem to be able to finish a project lately and it feels bad. Well, I haven’t been feeling so good about work lately and it’s already feedback season…

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