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✱ I’m excited for the weekend but I don’t wanna jinx it so you’ll just hear about it! Clue: it’s Jeckie’s birthdayyy

✱ For the past few days I’ve been contemplating on getting a Skillshare premium account but heck I just joined right now after noting how the rate is different on my phone vs on desktop.

I noticed that I was offered $99/year on the website, but on my phone it only says ₱1,190/year and that’s after the one month free trial. The $99 rate only comes with 7 days free. How cool is that? If I didn’t notice the difference I would’ve waited longer.

I feel like a subscription will push me to create more projects on Procreate and finally learn the darned thing. I bought the ipad mini because of it and it’s about time I make use of it right? I mean it’s almost a year hahaha.

Look, I made this project last week after finishing a free class on Skillshare: 
How to paint food in Japanese watercolor style and create digital sticker pack in Procreate 

Isn’t it cuuute? It’s the first Procreate tutorial I joined and I’m really glad how it turned out. It’s not perfect but it’s something!

✱ I need to get an appointment with an ortho soon. My back is killing me. I got a curble chair in hopes of correcting my hunched posture but it only gave me more pains. It does work to straighten your lower back though but because of my sad excuse for a spine all the tension just went upwards and now I have a sore upper back. And my lower back feels a different kind of pain. Sure it could be a correcting process but I’m probably a more serious case and needs more help? Urgh.

✱ By the way I’m finally monetized on Youtube! Hooray! That said I’m laying low on all enrichment activities like w2w or sub2sub. That’s how I got the numbers honestly, on top of organic views naman. I wouldn’t have bothered rushing it if I wasn’t getting anything organically. But some of my videos are getting quite a number of views so I thought it would be a waste if I wasn’t earning from those. So yeah, the goal was to really just get into the partner program then mellow down. I don’t have a lot of reviews in the pipeline, but I’m consistently uploading my Weekly Monotonies! Yep, the boring bits of my channel haha.

✱ Oh I finally got my driver’s license updated with my married name! Finally! After 3 years! When I renewed my license after getting married I was told that I had to process my married name at LTO main pa. Sobrang hassle naman so I kept my maiden name na lang and just waited for the opportunity to go to East Ave. After all my license is good for 5 years pa so no rush. 

Then LTMS (https://portal.lto.gov.ph/) rolled out the revision of records feature where I could just apply online instead of going to the main branch! I just filled out a form, uploaded the required docs (marriage and birth certificate), set an appointment at my preferred LTO branch, and paid through GCash. IT WAS SO EASY. After sending in my application I just went to LTO to get my new driver’s license. I didn’t have to bring the original docs with me cos everything was already uploaded. The LTO guy still asked me to email him my docs though so he could print it daw but no biggie. It’s just weird though cos he could’ve just downloaded them from my online application, but oh well.

✱ Good news, we’re finally done paying our car ammortization! What a relief! Yeah, but then we just bought two studio units for investment so there goes our budget! Haha

Alright, that’s it! Hope you’re doing well! 🙂