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This was such a tiring tiring week I can’t even even. 

We’re doing migration after migration after migration of several systems because we’re expected to vacate our old office by next week. By vacate I mean pull out all servers, shut down all PCs, and move it to the new office which doesn’t have network connection yet. The plan is to route everything to one of our data centers in Singapore while waiting for the network to be installed in our new office – just a block away from the old one. Safe to say it’s a busy time for the whole tech team.

I mean I’m not even the main guy for the whole thing, we’re just one of the teams affected by the local network downtime. But because our robots are all hosted locally, we have to move them somewhere safer and more stable. Like a virtual machine hehehe.

The most exhausting part of this whole move is really the amount of coordination to be done. Talking to stakeholders, explaining things, filing requests to different teams, following up, looking for people to help me with my issues. Oh my goodness. Sure I can communicate, I’m fluent enough, I write good emails, but the rate at which my energy depletes after each send is extremely high I’m a dead battery so early in my shift, my half-life is halving ridiculously the more I interact with people. Helppp.

I just want to recharge. Thank God it’s Friday.

Thank God. 

Thank God. 

I can’t believe I mean that now. 

Thank God.