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[Review] My 35km PMS experience with Shell – Toyota Vios

We went to Shell for our car’s 35k PMS. It’s my first time to try at a gasoline station and here’s how it went!

Why Shell?

My choices were really just Shell or Petron. I asked on Facebook and most of them said Shell, so Shell it is! Toyota isn’t an option because it’s too expensive and they make you wait an entire day for your car, it’s ridiculous. Our last PMS was done at Patch Power but unfortunately they already closed down. 🙁

I was pretty excited to try Shell actually. I’m not car savvy, but our car is already 5 years old and I feel like it’s a point where I need to pay more attention to it because I don’t want to run into an accident and not know what to do? Hahaha wala lang I think it’s about time I learn more about our car yun lang hahaha. Hey I still don’t know how to change a tire haha.

The Shell we went to is at Dahlia, Fairview, Quezon City.

What we got and how much?

We got the oil change + PMS package for ₱4,999.00

Actually for 35K mileage you can do with just the oil change package because it already includes the oil filter, flushing liquid, labor, and free performance checkup. The price depends on the type of motor oil you want. It could range from ₱1.7k to ₱4.7.  But just to be sure we added the PMS bit because we don’t know what we could be missing haha. Turns out the only difference is they added brake cleaning and adjusting hehe.

Oil change package:
    Fully synthetic motor oil (Shell Helix Ultra 4L) – ₱3,917.00
    1 Oil filter
    Free performance checkup
    Flushing oil – ₱187.00
    Brake cleaner – ₱295.00
    Labor (clean/adjust brakes) – ₱750.00
    Shell Go+ App discount – (₱150.00)*

Total: ₱4,999.00

*Download Shell Go+ App to either get points or redeem rewards and discounts. I chose to get a 150 discount. You may also use your SM Advantage Card to earn points.

What they did:

Here’s a video I uploaded on Youtube covering the whole thing! We’re allowed to watch at the service bay so I thought it’d be a good experience to record it to see what’s up. 

In bullets:

  • I drove the car into the service bay where they aligned the jacks they’d use to lift the car up. 
  • The mechanic started by dusting the engine bay with compressed air.
  • Then he poured flushing oil and started the car
  • Car lifted a bit.
  • Checked A/C filter. Still good so it was just cleaned with compressed air.
  • Fluids checked. Still good.
  • Car was raised higher.
  • Mechanic proceed to flush the engine.
  • Tires checked. You can request to have your tires rotated. Advise is every 10k. 
  • Found a screw stuck in our front tire huhu
  • Sanded and sprayed the rotor disc
  • Break pads still good.
  • Shocks still good.
  • Put back the drain plug.
  • Replaced oil filter.
  • Put in motor oil.
  • Started the engine. Sounds good.
  • Checked the screw on the tire. Luckily it didn’t go through, yey!
  • Done!

What I liked

It was definitely more affordable than having it done at the casa, although I think ₱5k is still pretty pricey for a minor PMS but that’s because we got a fully synthetic oil which costs ₱3.9k already. You can get your PMS for as low as ₱2k if you go for the conventional motor oil.

The entire service took barely an hour which is great, and I only had to wait 1 car for my turn. The lounge is cool and clean, as well as the ladies’ CR. 

Everyone who assisted us was courteous and professional. I really love the treatment. I hope all Shells are consistent this way so we don’t have to drive all the way to Fairview hehe

What I didn’t like

Nothing much, I guess the lack of snacks and coffee is a bummer. No one offered eh!

What I learned

Oh man I learned a lot just by observing what the mechanic does. I learned that PMS is majorly just oil change and a couple of performance checks. I learned a couple of parts and how they look like. Drain plug, oil filter, flushing oil, cabin filter, engine flush, rotor disc, brake pads. Still can’t change a tire though haha.

That’s it! Hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts as well! 🙂