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October 2020 draft

Okay I’m not really feeling happy today but let’s try to force this list!

1. Done with our timekeeping system server upgrade. This was last week and I’m so glad I finally got it over with. Urgh.

2. Done developing the main functionality of this robot I was given two weeks to work with. I procrastinated so hard at this task I only started doing it the day before our follow up meeting. I was that confident I can do it. And I did. Client doesn’t seem that impressed though. Turns out this robotic functionality is not the most critical part of their request, and that the other part is out of the scope of our team’s capabilities. Falls under macro development. Still, I’m gonna try looking for solutions argh wish me luck. Hey where’s the happy part in this again? Urgh.

3. I just ordered a webcam because I’m tired of using my phone or tablet for video calls.

4. We finally have a new ref. A small 2-door no-frost inverter ref that’s the perfect size for our home. Been wanting to get a new ref ever since our old one (a single door super-hassle-semi-auto defrost ref) started showing signs of uhm, ageing? Basta it frosts too quickly and we have to defrost it every week na, sobrang hassle lol.

5.  Currently watching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay on Netflix. Ang cute nya hehe

6. Getting more and more convinced to get into YL. Is that a happy thing? It’s gastos eh. Still a bit skeptic about it I just wanna try it for aromatherapy plus the owl diffuser is so cute and parang less hassle gamitin kasi isa lang yung cover na tatanggalin mo haha. Dati I want the desert mist pero looking at reviews parang hassle pala and too big hahaha. So yeah we’ll see.