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Month: February 2021

  • TGIF

    This was such a tiring tiring week I can’t even even.  We’re doing migration after migration after migration of several systems because we’re expected to vacate our old office by next week. By vacate I mean pull out all servers, shut down all PCs, and move it to the new office which doesn’t have network…

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  • [Review] My 35km PMS experience with Shell – Toyota Vios

    We went to Shell for our car’s 35k PMS. It’s my first time to try at a gasoline station and here’s how it went! Why Shell?My choices were really just Shell or Petron. I asked on Facebook and most of them said Shell, so Shell it is! Toyota isn’t an option because it’s too expensive…

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    Oh shoot

    Ok I actually found this sitting in my drafts and thought why the heck have I not finished telling this story? So here you go, the story of how I got into a digital ad with Condura last year! So around first week of December someone reached out to me to shoot content for Condura.…

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  • October 2020 draft

    Okay I’m not really feeling happy today but let’s try to force this list! 1. Done with our timekeeping system server upgrade. This was last week and I’m so glad I finally got it over with. Urgh. 2. Done developing the main functionality of this robot I was given two weeks to work with. I…

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