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Month: November 2020

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    Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 3

    But first, an update on what’s been fulfilled on my previous wishlist: Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 2 I think I got most of them already so yeyy. As you know, my wishlist is really more of a personal to-buy list hehe. So yeah, my wish list is my command lol hahaha. I got Stiles, new mugs,…

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    Making A Mess Can Be So Relaxing

    Life has been getting hectic for a long time. But this year is the first time it affects us at a global level. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt. With no time to prepare, most of us have turned the home into an office, a childcare centre, a classroom, and many more. It’s…

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  • Keep safe goys

    It’s signal no. 3 here in Metro Manila and the wind is getting crazier as the night pushes on. I thought typhoon Rolly had the most violent winds because it got out Century Bob shaking and our CR vent covers levitating. But this is much worse. We couldn’t feel it so much inside the unit…

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    Twitter thoughts

    Thoughts that came out too long for Twitter but too short for a one shot, so here they are: ❆ I’m getting a lot of site optimization offers from random digital marketers lately. All of them say the same things about my site: slow loading, unoptimized images, low index, blah blah blah basically your site…

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