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Month: October 2020

  • I really need to focus

    Just a quick update on what’s happening lately in my life. Actually nothing much has changed. Still procrastinating on work I’m too afraid to face because it looks overwhelming. Still religiously uploading Weekly Monotonies on my Youtube channel. Still busy participating in support groups to help grow my channel faster. Still trying to lose weight.… Continue reading

  • [Review] Xiaomi BeBird M9 Pro Smart Ear Cleaning Stick

    Heya! Here’s a review of yet another Xiaomi product (yeah, big fan), this time an ENDOSCOPIC EAR CLEANING STICK! Might be disgusting to some of you but we all know how satisfying it is to watch big lumps of hardened dust and earwax being taken out of our unsuspecting ears. Well, here’s just the product… Continue reading