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6 Ways to Worry Less


Feeling worried may be a natural emotion but it never delivers any benefits. Worrying about a situation doesn’t change its outcome, for example. Yet, despite knowing this, it can be tricky to stop worrying and embrace life. If you’re eager to let go of your anxieties, take a look at these sure-fire ways to worry less…

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1. Recognise the things you can’t change

There are many things in life we have control over and some we don’t. Taking positive action about the things we can change is always worthwhile but worrying about things out of your control is a waste of time and energy. Being able to recognise what you can’t change absolves you of responsibility and reinforces the fact that you don’t need to worry about these issues.

2. Share your feelings

Talking to someone can help to identify issues and solutions, which naturally reduces your tendency to worry. Sometimes, just sharing your feelings with a friend or family member can be enough to calm your mind. However, spending time with an experienced counselor, like those at Bluesky Psychology, can transform your life. With professional guidance, you can address issues that are concerning to you and find new ways to approach life.

3. Eat right

Our bodies are totally reliant on nutrition, so it follows that the way we feel is due, in part, to how we eat. If you want to ease your anxiety and worry less, it’s important to give your body the right fuel. Eating a balanced, healthy diet enables your brain to work optimally, which means less worry and more positivity.

4. Practice mindfulness

When worrying thoughts are overwhelming you, trying to ignore or fight them rarely helps you to feel better. With mindfulness, however, you can learn to simply observe these feelings and let them pass you by. By taking the power out of them, you can be at ease with any thoughts your mind conjures up, instead of fighting an inner battle.

5. Exercise more

Being more active is a great way to reduce stress and minimise worry. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Known as ‘feel-good hormones’, these endorphins have a remarkable impact on how you feel. From taking a brisk walk around the block to hitting the gym, there are numerous ways to increase your daily activity levels and boost your endorphins.

6. Create an action plan

If you’re worrying about something that you can change, create a plan of action. By addressing the issue and devising a way of dealing with it, you can put your mind at rest, engage in positive action and be confident that you’ve done everything in your power to enhance the outcome.

Living a Life Free of Worry

If you’re used to worrying about things or you’ve lived with anxiety for a long time, it can be hard to let go of it straight away. With consistent effort and practice, however, you can learn to let go of these stresses and live a worry-free life.