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[Unboxing + Review] Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 4L Capacity MJJSQ02LX

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I waited over a month before writing this post so I could review it completely. In three words, the Xiaomi Mijia 4L Humidifier is such an ACE! Affordable, convenient, and effective! Ohaaaa hahahaha! This is model MJJSQ02LX.

Video review

Apart from this lengthy blahber you may also watch my Youtube review here:



I got this product for health reasons. The air in our room becomes super dry with the AC on every night when we sleep. It has resulted in me waking up with sniffles and dry throat almost everyday. There were nights I had to sleep with a face mask on just so my throat wouldn’t get super dehydrated in the morning. That’s when I decided to invest in a humidifier. To relieve the dryness in the room, in my throat, in my life. Charot. I thought a small diffuser would help, but our current EO diffuser only works for 3hours max so it still doesn’t do the job completely. Plus, it can only hold 150ml of water HAHAHA so wa-epek. It just makes the room smell nice.


I have no idea about humidifiers but generally I just want something with a bigger water tank that could run for more than 8 hours, and can diffuse aromatics too. I looked around online and found that Xiaomi has the biggest variety of humidifiers out there.

There’s a gazillion brands under Xiaomi I have no idea what to pick, there’s SmartMi, Deerma, Mijia, all of them looking great and priced affordably too. So I used the The Three Great Shopee Filters in narrowing down my choices:

✔️ Price
✔️ Location
✔️ Ratings

The Deerma FXXX line turned out on top of the list. High star ratings, priced below ₱2k, big water tank, ultrasonic feature, smart capability, and loooks reaaaally pretty.

But one thing turned me off. The water inlet is AT THE BOTTOM of the tank. Which means you have to turn the fuselage upside down to put water in, then breathe in and muster some strength to set the 5kg water tank upright. For a weakling like me, that process sounds too troublesome and accident prone. In fact, the moment I saw where the water inlet is, so many unfortunate things ran in my head. My face flowing with frustrated tears, a broken humidifier, and my husband trying to calm me down. Oh yeah, a flooded kitchen too.

So I had to let it go and look for alternatives. And that’s how I found this baby…

Xiaomi Mijia 4L Humidifier MJJSQ02LX

It’s super basic, can carry 4 liters of water, runs up to 36 hours, and the best part? Water is added directly from the top making it so convenient, and with a spacious mouth like this I don’t have to worry about dying spilling or having to carry it somewhere safe to refill water.

Note that it’s not suitable for essential oils, it’s not a smart humidifier, you can’t link and control it using the Mi Home app. Below you’ll see what happened when I tried using essential oils with it.


You may refer to my Youtube video for the unboxing but basically the package comes with the unit and a Chinese manual. That’s it.

What I liked (aka all of its features haha)

Like mentioned, some of its key features include:

✔ 4L capacity
✔ Upper head injection

✔ Up to 36 hours of continuous humidification and it’s not loud at all. You’ll barely hear it and if you do, it sounds like raindrops.

But apart from those, it also boasts of the following:

✔ Adjustable fog settings (low, mid, high)

Low, mid, high respectively
It humidifies at a rate of 280ml/hour and has up to 99% bacteriostatic effect. Even at the low setting, the strength of the mist is strong enough for a small room.

✔ Low level indicator

Which automatically powers off when water level is low and when the water tank gets detached from the dock.

✔ Size is just right

A bit bigger than a kitchen towel, just the right size for a bedside table or even the floor.

✔ Comes with a 220V type A power plug (2 flat plugs)

Which is normal here in the Philippines so no need to use an adapter.

✔ Easy to clean
✔ Simple knob switch control
✔ Looks sleek and is made of hard and durable matte finished plastic
✔ Super affordable

What I don’t like 

✖ No English manual

✖ Not suitable for pure essential oils

See troubleshooting items. The seller mentioned I can use water-based aromas, but I have yet to find official literature confirming that it’s indeed okay to use with EO’s, specially that, unlike the Deerma line, it doesn’t have that yellow tray at the base specifically for EOs. Maybe I can find this info from the manual, then again it’s Chinese, so if you can help me translate or just give me a clue if it says anything about using essential oils… that would be awesome!

✖ Ok, not advisable for aromatics at all

Since you can only use water-based essential oils, you have to keep adding and adding because the smell doesn’t last long and eventually it starts smelling funny when it’s only the residual aroma left to atomize. Also, it’s a hassle to lift the water tank just to add the oil so I’d rather not bother with it. Aromas clog the system easily too so you have to clean more frequently. I like to diffuse scents pa naman when I’m sleeping but I find that the product works better with just pure water.


In the one and a half months I’ve been using it, I’ve ran into two problems, all because I tried to use essential oils with them.

1. Very little mist coming out
And I mean less than what you’d expect from the Low setting. This happened when I tried adding waterbased essential oil in the tank. It worked for a night, then eventually residue formed and it clogged the system. Solution? Just clean it!

2. No mist coming out
Now, this happened when I tried to put PURE essential oils on the base. I put a few drops of what I thought was waterbased EO (it’s too cheap to be pure so I thought it’s actually water-based even though it says PURE EO on the label haha!). It worked fine for a few minutes then suddenly the mist was gone. I could still feel some air coming out but there’s totally no fogging going on.

I thought I broke the unit. Thank God I was able to save it by cleaning it. Now I can prove this model isn’t meant for any type for EO at all. Just look at how dirty it turned:

Yikes right? That’s oil residue that I scraped off using cotton buds. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean. And after unclogging it from all that gunk, it starts to work fine again.


So how do you properly clean this thing? The water tank is fairly easy to clean, you can just reach inside with a damp cloth and wipe it clean.

I was also able to clean it with soap and water, it’s pretty safe since there are no electronic things at the top part. Just make sure to dry it completely to remove the odor. And avoid getting water inside the mist outlet, just because it looks like it’s not supposed to get wet hehe.

Now for the base…

I just use cotton buds to scrape off any residue. Just clean the sink area of the base, avoid wetting anything that’s not touched by the water coming from the tank.

Our humidifier sits on a plank of laminated MDF and I noticed some kind of moisture settling at the bottom like this:

Just wipe it off, it’s not a stain anyway hehe. It’s probably due to the air coming in from the bottom of the humidifier because the air intake is positioned there (notice the round grills)

Maintenance tips

1. Avoid EOs, just use water. Pure or distilled water, preferrably.

It acquires residue faster when you use essential oils so I advise you to just use water and nothing else, if you don’t want to clean more frequently! Also, I use water straight from the tap so maybe 

2. Don’t let the water run low

I refill the tank with a pitcher of water every night before going to sleep just to keep it running uninterrupted. In my experience a full tank lasts me 3 days on low setting so that’s around 24 hours of sleep time.

3. Don’t fill it to the max

Just for safety. I’m praning it might get knocked over or something so I only fill it with around 3 liters of water max.

4. Clean once a week

I thought now that I only use water and nothing else, it’ll be easier to clean. But somehow, after around 3 weeks of use, I notice some dirt forming at the bottom of the water tank. Similar to the brown dirt I scrubbed off when I used EOs. The base is also showing some yellow stains that I can’t remove so it’s also nice to clean at least once a week to avoid these dirt from accumulating. I’m not sure if it’s because I use tap water directly but maybe it’s better to use filtered water? 

So is it effective?

ABSOLUTELY. It’s prevented my throat from drying and it’s something that I noticed instantly like the moment I woke up after turning it on for the night. Amazeballs!

Our bedroom is only around 11sqm small and the low setting is strong enough to relieve dryness in the room the whole time. It’s even positioned at the far end of the room (which isn’t really that far maybe just 2 steps away from the bed lol) so I know it truly works.

Price and Availability

You can get this for less than  ₱2,000 at Shopee or Lazada. I have no idea of its SRP. Usually it ships from China, but if you filter it by location (which is what I always do), you can save yourself at least a week of shipping time by purchasing from local Xiaomi retailers. Also, for a product like this you’d want to get it locally (the nearer the better) in case you had to return it.

I got it for ₱1,784.00 at Shopee PH from this store.

Congrats on reaching this part! That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions on the comments area below. 🙂