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Quick update

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I’m super duper overwhelmed with work right now and I don’t know where to start. All I know is that:

  • I’m being pressed to finish migrating our timekeeping system this week
  • I haven’t started developing this robot for a marketing group and I need to present something by next week
  • I have two other RPA projects to do
  • Issues keep popping while I’m in the middle of something
  • I have so many enhancement requests lined up after I’m done with #1 and I don’t know where to squeeze them in my freaking life.

I’m a big mess when it comes to prioritizing.

I also always procrastinate.

Sometimes I wish people would stop coming to me directly for a project because I’m bad at assessing and I’ll most likely say something along the lines of, sure I can do that when do you need it? Instead of stepping back and saying I’m fucking loaded right now please talk to my manager about that. Urgh.

Can I please have that? Like a filter? Oh yeah, a project manager? All my projects right now are frkn delayed.

This sucks.

On the lighter side of work, I signed myself up for this daily guided meditation thing our L&D group set up to help us uhm, meditate? And somehow find peace and clarity in these chaotic times. It’s been generally helpful. For 15 minutes we just pause and breathe slowly, focus on the calmness of our breath, acknowledge distractions but not act on them. It’s super nice and I always feel very light and sleepy afterwards. I was hesitant at first because I’m averse to subscribing to anything new age spiritual, but this practice is fairly okay. No summoning weird energy, no commanding the universe like you made it lol, and no false affirmations. Totally cool. Just allowing the science of controlled breathing to work on your nerves. See? No need to get fake meta just to promote calm.

Anyway. I’m interested in reading The Daily Stoic. It’s a daily devotional based of stoic philosophy and so far, from what I see from my friends who post daily screenshots from the book (thanks!), it’s actually full of practical advice! Maybe I’ll try it! Let’s see if I can cut down my overthinking to just thinking.

So yeah, that’s it! Back to work. Whew.