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So so so lazy

New social media cover photo! Thanks a bunch Canva, these cute abstract blobs are super trendy right now no? Haha
As usual, here’s some randomness in my life.
✱ Whenever I play Clash Royale I always tell myself not to give a fuck every time I lose because it’s just a game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, specially when I’m on a losing streak. There’s only so much failure I can handle and losing 5x in a row really kills my zen yaknow?!
✱ Speaking of mobile games, these are the apps I have in rotation: Clash Royale, Ball Blast, Cooking Madness, and Coin Master.
✱ And speaking of Coin Master. I can’t believe I’m playing this right now. I used to be bombarded with their ads. And every time I watch them I can’t help wonder where they got the budget to have JLo, Terry Crews, and even Kris Jenner appear in their promos! Could be deepfakes though but who knows?
✱ Alright. It’s already GCQ. I don’t really know what’s changed. I stopped caring about guidelines since MECQ started. We all know the basics anyway, the most important thing is to keep yourself isolated as much as you can. We’re still practicing social distancing, wearing masks at all times, proper handwashing, and we’re still not coming back to work at the office. Which is good. Only difference is that Jeckie and I are shopping together now. I can’t find any definite answer as to whether the one per household rule is still being enforced, but no one has ever checked our quarantine pass in the last three weeks, checkpoints are not checking, and no one has stopped the two of us from entering an establishment together. Entrances are loosening up. It feels like people are less fearful of the virus now. I guess we’ve adapted and now know how to protect ourselves when going outside.
✱ Still eyeing the iPad Mini and Apple Pencil but official stores have not restocked yet. I’m checking everywhere for updates. Power Mac, Beyond the Box, iStudio, Switch, nada. I’ve also asked around Anson’s, Abenson, Octagon, Silicon Valley, ElectroWorld, to no avail. All they have are iPhones. No tablets, at least not the tablets we want. The only stores I know that have stock are online sellers and tiangge owners. But I find it too risky. Hopefully Power Mac restocks soon, cos we’ve purchased cases for them already and they’re arriving soon haha! Also, I’m so excited to Procreate. The app, of course. 😉 Excited na ko i-joke to sa mga nanay ko hahahaha
✱ Damn it’s always Wednesday and I haven’t done anything productive for work. Uuuuurgghhh.
✱ Hmm, what else. Oh right, I have duplicate Facebook accounts too. Can’t say they’re my fake accounts though because who am I to assume I have troll posers? My name is pretty common on Facebook, and I’m not about to report a potentially innocent account you know? Like how do you really know? On the grounds of having the same name and a firstname.lastname.number format in their username? That’s crazy right? Facebook automatically suggests those usernames, it’s very easy for someone to agree to having a random username because maybe they just chose to get one then just went with the suggestion? Anyway. I’m leaning more towards the possibility that my Facebook twins are legit or just simply uber private accounts with hidden everything, cos you can do that right? Idk.
I do feel a bit worried though so I’m kindof backreading all the posts where I might have said something about this government that may sound incriminating. Well, there’s none.
✱ I hope I’d have more subscribers on Youtube, but frankly I have the most boring content and just like this blog I hate promoting myself on Facebook like hey guys please follow my channel pretty please, help me on the road to 1k subs! Hahaha I’m kinda done with that. Nahihiya ako eh, I’m afraid of rejection. And my boss seeing my social media activity lol. I hardly even show my face in my channel, even when making reviews. And I’m well aware that thumbnails with faces are favored more by newsfeed algorithms.
✱ Anyway, please subscribe to my Youtube channel: The Blahger LOOOOL I’d be happy with just 100 subs, I just really need that custom URL hahaha.