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Quarantine Wishlist Part 2


Aha! In fairness to my previous wishlist, I already bought most of them lol. To recap:

✔ Tempur sleep mask – reviewed here
✔ Xiaomi Mi Box S – already ordered when I created this list
✔ Sofa repair – finally pulled out three days ago
✔ A comfortable PC setup – all good! Monitor good, keyboard good (reviewed here). Current setup here.
✘ Lots of money – oh you’ll be a mainstay
✔ Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 – passed up on this and got airpods instead. Reviewed here
✔ iPad mini and Apple pencil – Finally after a year of contemplating lol. I got a mini and my husband got an ipad and a pencil 1. We’re sharing the pencil until I decide to get my own (or not) haha.

✘ Instant Pot – not so hot for this anymore hehe

Now I have a new list! What the heck, they’re mostly kitchen things, effect of quarantine. Hope I’d get my husband to chip in these ~upgrades~ ‘cos after all… yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning. Okay nvm.

Subway sticker tiles

Oh I’ve been eyeing this subway white sticker tiles from Stiles PH for a while now. 

Can you believe those are just stickers on the wall?! Hopefully when they restock, and my allowance permits, I’ll be able to finally put a backsplash on our kitchen.

High quality non-stick pans

I’ve had it with low quality cheap sets from SM Store. Metro and Chef’s Classic suck. After a while we switched to stainless steel kahit mas hassle thinking it’s healthier cos at least we won’t die of teflon poisoning or whatever, but cooking is a nightmare when everything sticks! Argh.

I’m looking at Tefal, Neoflam, Lock & Lock or whatever’s good out there. Kahit pa-isa isa!

Corelle dinnerwares

I just want the plain white ones. They’re so freaking light,  have 3-year warranty, and claims to be break and chip resistant. Urgh, ECQ got me upgrading our kitchen all of a sudden hahaha.

Cute mugs and placemats

I really want to refresh our mugs to something plainer and more elegant. Like black, gray, white, or transparent lang ganon. Hahaha

Humidifier or Young Living Diffuser?

Actually I already ordered a Xiaomi humidifer lol. I already have a small essential oils diffuser but it doesn’t really help improve the moisture levels in the room. Ever since the quarantine started we’ve been using the AC for longer hours and my throat really suffers specially in the morning. It’s always sore and dry, and I always get sniffles when I wake up. I thought I just needed a humidifier, so we’ll see.

I’m also curious with Young Living oils because I hear they’re super effective! Someday, we’ll know!

Basil plant

I want to start planting basil. Need to take advantage of our empty sunrise facing balcony, and also try my hand at gardening, baka sakaling I have a green thumb din like my dad lol.

Do you also find yourself spending more with quarantine? I know I do!