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Sup ding-dongs

Here’s to another week wasted doing nothing productive at work. There’s this one task I’ve been putting away for about a month now that I’ve finally gotten the motivation to start. As in officially start. I’ve been yapping about the plans I have for this task in our weekly meeting, but truth be told, I haven’t really gotten around developing anything.

Let’s get technical.
I just really need to migrate some data from PeopleSoft to our timekeeping database to align the department names and team names. I’ve got the data in an excel file, and I’ve done some concat magic to generate update statements for each row, but that’s about it. I’m scared to touch it. Because I knew once I rolled it on the database, I have to inevitably start working on the back-end, and then the front-end. Right now I’m just too lazy for that. It’s not a simple update, it’s a freaking DB structure change.
I remember back in college when we’re told decent databases should have structured tables with information accessible using IDs. Especially those with one-to-many relationship. Our current system has none of that elegance. Our tables are a mishmash of data and it pains me every time I have to LIKE query. Pun intended hehe.
But anyway. Okay, I rolled in the data and now the fun begins. I’ve fixed some pages, updated queries, created tables, and I’m nearing front-end of this tunnel. Pun-tastic. Now I have to work on the UI. Which is exciting, because I get to learn and apply something new to our forms: multi-select autocomplete text fields! 
In another news, I just ordered airpods from Lazada. I saved some 500 I guess, and another 500 when ShopBack validates my purchase. So it’s not so bad? Can’t believe I just shelled out 9k for a pair of earphones but heck, been wanting to reward myself for uhm, following ECQ?! Damn.
Oh well. Let’s keep hanging on.