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[Review] TEMPUR Sleep Mask

Tempur Sleep Mask Review

I’ve been curious about this product ever since Sharon Cuneta casually recommended it in one of her vlogs HAHA. I never really thought much about sleep masks even though I use one every night. It’s a simple item that’s cheap and easy to replace, and it does its job; cover my eyes and help me sleep. I didn’t think there were more advanced versions of it. Like I’m okay working on a monobloc chair but I wouldn’t ignore an ergonomic swivel chair with back support and a memory foam headrest. Anyway, let’s get it rolling.

Uhm but before thaaaat, here’s a short and sweet review on Youtube. It’s a sub 3min video that starts with a short voiceover intro (script taken from the box) and a quick look and commentary at the product. There’s not much to show and tell anyway hehe. Please watch, and maybe subscribe! ❤

The basics

  • Priced at ₱1,620 (regular price ₱1,800)
  • Purchased online from Tempur Philippines (https://bit.ly/TempurPh_FB1)
  • Arrived in 7 days. Considering ECQ – that’s fast. But after knowing that their warehouse is just a block away from where I live? Urgh. Super slow. But it’s all good. I complained. They listened, in a robotically reassuring way, and expedited the matter. Then I apologized, took down my frustrated comment in Facebook, and simmered down. Oh I love complaining up with solutions to my problems.

Before I get carried away…

  • Made with Authentic Tempur material, which uses some kind of Certified Space Technology (according to the box). Whatever that means. I’m guessing some kind of memory foam used by astronauts. Hm, no wonder the skyrocketing price huh?
  • Washable with reservations, which are: handwash only using mild detergent, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do no iron.
  • Textile is made of 75% cotton, 25% Polyester
  • Filling is made of 100% Polyurethane. Perfect.
  • Sized at 41x9x2.5cm. Couldn’t care less.

What I loved

  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Blocks out light completely. Granted you wear it properly like align the ridge perfectly on your nose to seal it
  • Washable, but like I mentioned, with reservations
  • Adjustable with its garterized velco straps
  • Light, compact, perfect for travel. I mean, that’s default for all sleep masks. 
  • Doesn’t come off easily in my sleep. Works for side sleepers. Granted, you wear it tight.
  • It looks hot to wear but surpisingly, it’s not. I was able to sleep with these comfortable even with the AC off.

I really enjoy wearing this because I can open my eyes fully unrestricted and just bask in the darkness it brings. It’s kinda therapeutic. Even if I’m not feeling sleepy I could just lie down, wear this, and enjoy phosphenes and fractals dance in my mind. Like I’m being taken to space. Oh dip, is this what space tech materials do? Haha.

What I didn’t like

  • Right off the box, the product tags. They’re long and they’re a lot. I ended up cutting them. Will this void my warranty? Do I even have one? Lol didn’t check.
  • It sometimes comes off in your sleep. But I only realize it when I’m awake, so at least doesn’t come off while I’m wide awake, shifting and turning trying to get the right position

Apart from those, I have nothing else.

This is how it looks like when worn. It’s big and bulky and I kinda look stupid in it. But who cares, I’m wearing space tech, baby! Plus, it has helped me sleep better.

Yeah that’s about it, hope you find this review helpful!