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I’m tired of complaining


Things haven’t been so great lately. I’m getting stressed from complaining about a lot of things!

✖ Our refund from Victory Liner still hasn’t been processed yet and it’s been more than two months! They’re full of excuses. Genesis was able to refund within two weeks during ECQ, I can’t imagine what their problem may be.
✖ Our PMO takes too long to issue receipts. Our May billing statement still shows our April dues as unpaid, and I said I can’t pay this until you send me an updated statement clearing our April dues. But heck, it’s almost due date and I can’t miss it urgh.
✖ Lazada is also taking too long to send my Apple invoice, which means I can’t register my warranty urgh.
✖ Estancia still refusing access to non-Pasig residents and I miss Unimart!

I’ve been nothing but patient and understanding this season but I can’t keep on being like this when it’s been over two months and there’s no sign of improvement everywhere.

On the plus side, my monitor got delivered two days ago.

Remember I was supposed to pick this up from the office but guess what, blog jinked it so I wasn’t able to drop by Friday last week haha. Our building suddenly has to be closed off due to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Whew.

I was surprised at how big my monitor was. I couldn’t remember the size of my desk anymore. I used to work on two monitors but wow this single equipment has taken over most of my desk space, damn. I really miss my office desk.

I love working on a big setup. My laptop now works as a CPU, it’s tucked behind the monitor doing all the processing. I’ve set it up such that even if the lid is closed, the laptop won’t sleep. 

Now, my only complain is that I couldn’t get the right color settings for the monitor aaaand I can’t use the webcam anymore.

I thought I’d be motivated to actually code but I still feel lazy asf. Must have something to do with the bed beside me urgh. I’m so full of excuses lately ano po. I got a full sized wireless keyboard and a monitor, and now I want to get new glasses, and a proper headset. Jusko when will my setup be enough.

Anyway. I’ll just quit giving fucks about things I have no control over, which is everything I’ve complained about so far. I’ve nudged people enough to take action, now I’m just gonna let them do their jobs and hopefully they deliver before my patience tank gets depleted (again). 

✓ I mean, Victory Liner is already well aware of our complaints. 
✓ There’s no point nagging our PMO, I’ll just continue paying our dues diligently.
✓ I’ll continue to wait for my invoice from Lazada. After all, I trust Apple enough so I hope I don’t get any issues with my new airpods.
✓ I don’t care about Estancia anymore. We have Megamall, and it has Healthy Options. 

Will you look at that. I already feel more peaceful. I just had to detach myself from things I thought I deserved, but was okay to let go naman pala.