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Month: May 2020

  • I’m tired of complaining

    Things haven’t been so great lately. I’m getting stressed from complaining about a lot of things! ✖ Our refund from Victory Liner still hasn’t been processed yet and it’s been more than two months! They’re full of excuses. Genesis was able to refund within two weeks during ECQ, I can’t imagine what their problem may be.✖ Our… Continue reading

  • [Review] Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keybaord and Mouse Combo is a full wireless keyboard that’s great for everyday use. It’s simple and elegant, works with both PC and Mac, water resistant, and also very affordable.  Here’s a quick review of the . As usual, we’ll go with the following order: ✓ Specs and features✓ Price and availability✓… Continue reading

  • Oral Health & Hygiene Tips for All the Family

    It’s important that your whole family looks after their oral health and hygiene. It’s one of those things that’s very easy to overlook, but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s about more than white teeth and nice-smelling breath. Oral health is serious and establishing good habits in your kids from an early age is really… Continue reading

  • Life Lately and thoughts on the New Blogger Post Editor

    // I woke up today with a message from the parking owner saying they’ll be increasing our rate by ₱500 and that we should confirm by the weekend. It sucks. I felt angry at first, of all times really? But then I realized it’s not too bad because of the following reasons: So yeah, we… Continue reading

  • Sup ding-dongs

    Here’s to another week wasted doing nothing productive at work. There’s this one task I’ve been putting away for about a month now that I’ve finally gotten the motivation to start. As in officially start. I’ve been yapping about the plans I have for this task in our weekly meeting, but truth be told, I… Continue reading

  • [Review] TEMPUR Sleep Mask

    I’ve been curious about this product ever since Sharon Cuneta casually recommended it in one of her vlogs HAHA. I never really thought much about sleep masks even though I use one every night. It’s a simple item that’s cheap and easy to replace, and it does its job; cover my eyes and help me… Continue reading