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Life Lately and Friday’s 10 Happy Things

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Wow, we’re exiting the third week of ECQ (enhanced community quarantine). I hope and pray all this is not for naught. I have a lot of things in my prayer list, and I’m sure we’ve been praying for the same things. Healing, provision, strength, protection, mercy, cure, wisdom, leadership, compassion, cooperation. Haayyyy! I’ve never prayed this much for others. Most of the time I only care about the things in my own little circle. Guess it’s expanded to the whole world. Hmm.

Life’s pretty boring. And I know it’s a very privileged thing to say. There’s not much happening outside but there’s so much noise online. Of people’s grievances towards the government’s lack of action, our president’s lack of leadership, our frontliners’ lack of support. So many thinks lacking it’s turned social media, specially twitter, into protest platforms. Can’t really blame the people huh. But well, even before the lockdown, Twitter has always been noisy lol. It just seems noisier ‘cos I’m spending much more time in there lately haha. But hey, it works. Clamoring online works. We’ve seen changes I know we wouldn’t witness if nobody complained.

Overall I’m not too worried about myself, my husband included. We’re healthy, we’re both working from home, and both of our companies have been very generous. For how long, we don’t know. I’m afraid if the lockdown pursues and we start cost cutting by retrenching, I’ll be one of the first guys to pack up. So just to be safe, I have to be job hunt ready when the time comes *updates CV*.

I’m more worried about my parents. Not only because they’re older and more prone to sickness, but also because this lockdown means zero income for them. As financial advisers, they can’t go out and meet new clients, and it’s gonna be hard to collect payments from existing ones too. They’ve recently decided to sell our house (again) because they feel like it’s the only way to save up for retirement. I feel bad that there’s not much I can do financially, but I do support them in their decision. With our current living state, the house is too big for any of us. If we can liquidate it and downsize, they would have enough left for savings and investment. Well, that’s the dream.

My mom celebrated her 66th birthday last week. Since we’re not allowed to go out I just called through Zoom. We were supposed to be at Baguio, but things happened and I had to refund my bus and Airbnb bookings. So far I’ve gotten around 75%, looking forward to get the rest.

On a more positive note, here are Friday’s 10 Happy Things, just like the old times

  1. Before the lockdown commenced, I was able to setup my workstation properly. That is, I bought a chair and a trolley and successfully turned my vanity into an office desk. While people are emptying the shelves at the supermarket, I was busy measuring carts and pedestals at SM Home.
  2. Happy that my sister could continue her work at home. At least she’d still be earning during the lockdown.
  3. Finally tried using a menstrual cup. I feel uneasy right now but I’m trying to get used to it lol.
  4. Cancelled trips = refund = money back to my savings pool!
  5. Cinnabon’s mini bons and S&R’s petite cinnamon rolls!
  6. My Airbnb and iWantSeats bookings were fully refunded (still waiting for Victory liner)
  7. It’s swelday today! They credited a week earlier than expected then also included our VL conversion. Downside is we now have to wait 3 weeks til the next sweldo but it’s fine hehe.
  8. My parents are both healthy and my sister is enjoying working from home lol
  9. My parents got fiber connected last month which is super sakto because my sister depends on it right now
  10. Ever since the lockdown started, I’ve been able to follow my IF schedule strictly! I’m on Day 25 right now of 16:8! As for my weight, I don’t think it’s changed significantly yet. I’m usually 66 to 68kgs, but right now I’m at 65.5kg.

Guess that’s it for now! Hope you have a great weekend! As always, praying for healing and for this crisis to be over soon. ♥

God bless everyone!