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ECQ thoughts


It’s a bit over a month since the ECQ started, here are… random thoughts.

✦ I’m getting tired of my own cooking. So I’m trying to discover nearby restaurants that offer pick-up or delivery. We’ve had Domino’s and New Bombay so far

✦ I wish we had a 2-door inverter ref, a 2-bedroom unit, and an oven. Also a new couch.

✦ I’m lagging behind my 2020 Reading Challenge. Still currently reading Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan. For such a short book I wonder what’s taking me so long. Oh right, I don’t really like reading. But I’d like to pretend I do, so I signed up for free Kindle Unlimited [link]

✦ My husband lacks common sense in the kitchen. One time he was defrosting the ref and used a rag to soak up the dripping moisture. When he was done, he just returned the rag beside the sink. Hindi nya piniga. The rag was fucking dripping. Urgh.

✦ I thought I’d enjoy working from home, but I feel more tired. And I’m always working late. I don’t want our home to lose its sense if the lockdown continues for months on end.

✦ I realized that we don’t really need a lot of things to survive. Duh.

✦ ECQ allowed me to be able to strictly follow my IF schedule yey. And now most of my old clothes are starting to fit again.

✦ I discovered an issue with our VPN just now. Which as of writing has already been fixed, but gave me the idea on how to unblock certain sites hehehe

✦ Our couch is sagging at the center because of a broken frame and we’re looking for items in the house we can use to support it. Right now it’s got a pair of books and a tin lunch box underneath. Hopefully it survives until we find someone who can fix it.

✦ I’m starting to appreciate the sky even more lately

✦ There’s something wrong with how hashtags are being used in social media. Most of them are confusing. And before you get what their real intention is, you have to go through trial on fire.

You’ll never learn about it without getting into an argument. One that will potentially crush your self esteem and have all your embarrassing pre-pubescent photos exposed to the public. That’s how petty woke twitter is.

So why do we even bother with catchy hashtags that breeds confusion and misinformation and AAAAALWAYS need to be elaborated? It may be encouraging to see it spread like wildfire. But you’ll hardly see anyone using it in the right context, with the correct understanding. Examples: 

  • #MenAreTrash – pero hindi daw lahat. Also pag kumontra ka, hindi para sayo yung hashtag so shut up ka na lang. Galeng. 
  • #MassTestingNow – pero hindi talaga mass as in everyone. Gotcha.
  • #MedikalHindiMilitar – pero kelangan parin ng pulis. So much for putting “hindi” sa hashtag. Ikaw pa tanga. 
  • #OustDuterte – ito clear. Ganyan dapat.

✦ There was a tweet that reminded me how much I hated highschool. Sabi nya Highschool > College daw pero ang nag-viral is yung bumira sa kanya with the caption, “Not if you’re gay”. Hahaha

✦ Anyway. That tweet prompted me to clean up my friends list once again and eliminate people from highschool who were never really nice. I think I unfriended an entire group of friends. Nagbago na siguro sila but I wouldn’t be able to prove that for myself, so my last memory of them will always be their bitching around and being bullies. So yun, goodbye.

Ok yun lang naman hehe