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Month: April 2020

  • ECQ thoughts

    It’s a bit over a month since the ECQ started, here are… random thoughts. ✦ I’m getting tired of my own cooking. So I’m trying to discover nearby restaurants that offer pick-up or delivery. We’ve had Domino’s and New Bombay so far ✦ I wish we had a 2-door inverter ref, a 2-bedroom unit, and… Continue reading

  • Practical Steps to Help You Overcome a Bad Habit

    Everyone in the world has faced a bad habit at some point in their life. For some people, it could be something small such as biting their nails, and for others it could be something more threatening such as an alcohol problem. However, even something like nail biting can get out of hand despite seeming like an… Continue reading

  • [Review] First cycle with the Sinaya Cup (menstrual cup)

    Not gonna do an intro about menstrual cups. I figured those who’d wind up here are at least partially aware and considering switching to menstrual cups already hehe, so I’m just gonna jump right to the experience. Spoiler Alert: I’m making the switch, and I’m encouraging you too! Here you’ll find pros and cons, product price and… Continue reading

  • Life Lately and Friday’s 10 Happy Things

    Wow, we’re exiting the third week of ECQ (enhanced community quarantine). I hope and pray all this is not for naught. I have a lot of things in my prayer list, and I’m sure we’ve been praying for the same things. Healing, provision, strength, protection, mercy, cure, wisdom, leadership, compassion, cooperation. Haayyyy! I’ve never prayed… Continue reading