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Oh dear

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It’s been crazy. We’re on enhanced community quarantine (which is close to a lock-down except our government can’t take responsibility for everyone), people are panicking, and I can only pray for things to get better. For COVID-19 to eventually be eradicated. For the sick to be healed. For everyone to be protected and provided for. For kindness, cooperation, and empathy to reign. For God to have mercy on us all.

I’ve published two Weekly Monotonies since the last update and imma plug em right here.

Vlog #19 – The seeming calm before the storm

I discovered Highlands Iced Mocha which tastes 99% like Costa’s Iced Cafe Mocha. And they’re on the same spot too at RSC Lobby. Makes me wonder if Robinson’s acquired Highlands after it let Costa go, it’s been popping on several Robinsons properties in the Metro.

My officemate and I attended a Personality Development workshop in the office thinking it would actually be helpful for our personalities lol. Turns out it’s 90% Mary Kay demo and 10% harassing us into buying their products. Errrr.

Our car is due for registration this month and while I had intended to do it myself, even filing a vacation leave for it, I unfortunately overslept at my parents’ house so my dad decided to just do it himself while I was asleep. Long story short they called someone to assist them from the emission center. I was mentally torn about its illegality but then I realized that a personal appearance isn’t really required for MVR (unlike DL renewal) so I figured it’s fine to just pay someone for convenience.

Oh yeah, we also got our plate number. FINALLY. After four bajillion years.

Ate dinner with my parents that Friday night because swelday! Also because I didn’t want to leave the house early on a Friday night. I waited for my sister to get home from work, and while waiting tried to study playing a song from CLOY. You can watch my futile attempt around 5mins into the vlog.

Hmm, what else.

I attended our cell group meeting for the first time in a very long time. I’m surprised myself. Saturday night CGs have been a struggle for me lately because it’s usually errands and visit-my-parents day, but since I was able visit the day before, I figured it’s about time I water my wilting spirituality by appearing in a fellowship. It was nice seeing them again. 🙂 

Vlog #20 – Panic is the real pandemic, but you’re not gonna see that in the vlog

It’s the week the number of COVID-19 patients in the Philippines have grown to an alarming rate. People are more worried. Looking at how our neighboring countries fare, everyone’s expecting the worst. We can be sent home any time. So our company is rushing to roll out its BCPs, setting up hundreds of laptops to be issued to its soon to be remote workforce, drafting out all the necessary policies to keep the GOC functioning despite a deserted office. I, on the other hand, was tasked to develop a WFH functionality on our timekeeping system (TS). One that will allow us to log in and out of our TS as we work remotely. If you’re wondering, our time logs are being purely captured by onsite biometrics.

The enhancement is needed as soon as possible, but no rush – they say. It didn’t help that my manager was away on self-quarantine (bc of a recent travel) as he laid down the requirements. In between choppy calls and lack of validation, I was able to deliver what I consider a bare minimum. A quick win. This would do for now as we have not enough time to test. We can refine as we go along. Thank God I’m not alone in the team.

So I got the code base ready on Friday night but I had to be on standby as they prepare the comms. The go signal didn’t flare until Sunday afternoon, just as I was backing up on a parking slot at SM Megamall. We were supposed to look at furniture and buy groceries, but my mind was distracted the whole time. 

I had backups so one of my teammates did the go-live, but my manager reminded me about a functionality that I didn’t think was supposed to be part of the initial release. I thought it could wait. I also didn’t think I was supposed to work on it during the weekend, so in the end he updated the code himself lol. It went fine hahaha.

HR also sought help with the guidelines, so I did my best. I sought help from others too, and we were able to refine the wordy points, make it more easy to read and understand. I cut the bullet points in half, and reworded almost everything. But when the comms went out, it’s as if she hadn’t asked for help at all haha.

Anyway. This is my current WFH setup. My husband works on the couch outside haha.

Now that the remote time in/out feature has been rolled out, I see myself obsessively checking the database. Querying the numbers, investigating bugs, consolidating missed entries, supporting issues, thinking if the copy on the website is clear enough, wondering why people kept forgetting to log out.

Argh. I’ve never been this tired working from home. But seeing that more than 75% of our office population has logged in remotely, I’m kindof happy how it’s being utilized.