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Vlog #16 and what I’ve been reading…


Can’t believe I’m on Vlog #16 lol (by the time I publish this I probably already have Vlog #17 but anyways). Here you go!

And to expound a bit haha…

I dared myself 10 books this year and three weeks ago I just finished my first! A colleague lent me a copy of Educated by Tara Westover that I finished reading in two weeks. That’s slow, but considering I didn’t finish any book at all last year, that’s a big deal! I’m suddenly out of my reading rut haha (hope so)!
Educated is not the type of book I’d pick for myself, but because my officemate raved so much about it, I decided to download a sampler from Amazon before deciding to take on the whole text. The book is a memoir written by Tara Westover. In it she recalls her childhood with her family, survivalist Mormons tucked in the mountains of Idaho, up until she decides to enroll in university, leaving her family in pursuit of education.

Her journey is laced with incredulous accounts of violence and mental abuse, of freakish accidents, and unsettling family dynamics. It’s also filled with a gripping unraveling of truths she didn’t think existed, and of revelations that shattered her to self-invention. Definitely a unique coming of age story.

I didn’t expect to love this book. I was so drawn by the writing that despite nothing much happening in the first few chapters, I found myself vividly immersed. A hundred percent will recommend!

So what’s next?

Urgh, I hate to go back to reading Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella but I really need to finish it ‘cos I want to see how it’s gonna redeem itself for having characters so poorly made. I’m almost done and in my head it’s still a 2 over 5. The story is cute but the characters are just so blah I’m having a hard time connecting their relationships and their behavior with each other.

  • First off, I don’t understand how Emma and Lissie call themselves bestfriends when they’re so awkward and dishonest with each other.
  • Jenina’s character is a straight up template
  • I don’t find Jack Harper romantic. He’s a jerk who flirted with his target market for product expansion.
  • It was so clear that Emma is a nobody in their company, and yet her officemates suddenly recognized her when Jack Harper starts describing her live on TV, while also spilling her deepest darkest secrets? Apparently, they know her that well?
Let’s see how the book ends, I’m so anxious to get over it lol.