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Month: February 2020

  • Vlog #16 and what I’ve been reading…

    Can’t believe I’m on Vlog #16 lol (by the time I publish this I probably already have Vlog #17 but anyways). Here you go! And to expound a bit haha… I dared myself 10 books this year and three weeks ago I just finished my first! A colleague lent me a copy of Educated by… Continue reading

  • How to love healthy eating and exercise even if you detest salads and the gym

    For many people, the idea of going on a diet and committing to running five miles every day feels like a massive chore. You have to cut out many of the things that you love in life – like tasty food – in return for what you hope will be better health in the long-run. The… Continue reading

  • Another week in recovery!

    Another week on the vlog… now seven days full. Because nothing ever really happens during the weekends that merits a separate video haha. As for my knee… Ever since I started vlogging I kindof lost interest in posting on Instagram and ranting on Twitter. I can summarize my week in 5-minute videos, upload it on… Continue reading