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[Review] Big Skinny Panther Clutch Red


Reviewing my second Big Skinny! After just 10 months of usage, my Monte Cougar Red‘s coin compartment zipper broke and while it can be repaired, the repair guys suggested against it because it will ruin the fabric. So I decided to just get a new one. Of course, still with Big Skinny because I can’t do without their magic anymore hehe.

Not gonna do a side by side comparison of my old and new wallet because they’re both Big Skinnies (??) naman. So I’ll just go ahead and do pros and cons. If you want a side by side comparison with a non-Big Skinny wallet, My Monte Cougar Red review will show you that!

I ordered my Panther Clutch during the height of 11-11 sale. They offered discounts on the website plus free shipping so instead of paying the regular ₱2350, I only paid ₱1998. Not bad!


  • Fits my 6.1inch phone (though it’s bulky)
  • Has 2 separate bill compartments
  • Has a zippered coin compartment
  • Pretty lipstick red color
  • No Big Skinny logo outside hehe
  • Made from washable nylon microfiber fabric


  • Only has 8 card slots unlike the Monte Cougar which has 10 (you can stack 3 cards per slot but it would be a hassle to fish out if all the slots are full!)
  • Doesn’t fit a check (unless you fold it)

That’s it’! There’s a lot to love about this wallet. And if I may add, it was a delight transacting with Big Skinny Philippines. They were very responsive and patient in answering all my concerns like what’s the size difference between the Monte Cougar and and Panther clutch, how different are the two reds, can you send pictures blah blah blah. They even accommodated my request to get side by side pictures of the two red wallets I was comparing.

Seeeee? ♡

If you want to update your wallet to something more basic and functional, go for Big Skinny. 

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