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Year: 2020

  • [Unboxing and Review] Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android Streaming Dongle

    Heya! Finaaaally I got to publish this long overdue review on YouTube. The clips of this video have been sitting on my phone for months now and it takes up a lot of memory so it feels really good to finally have it out there. We’ve had the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick for around 3… Continue reading

  • [Once in a lifetime promo] We stayed 24hrs at Victoria Court’s Princess Jasmine themed room. Is it worth it?

    Lol I’m learning to make titles like a socmed manager haha. But don’t worry this isn’t clickbait hehe. So. My husband and I claimed our Once in a lifetime voucher from Victoria Court last week and here’s a quick look of the thematic room we chose: Princess Jasmine! This is the second themed room we tried with… Continue reading

  • Tagaytay Staycation: Taal Vista Hotel Premiere King Room

    We booked a weekend staycation at Taal Vista Hotel last month to celebrate my birthday. We’ve been meaning to go to Tagaytay ever since it opened to tourists on September, but the rules kept changing so we held off. Eventually we were able to push through with the trip, lucky enough to have come during… Continue reading

  • [Room Tour] Victoria Court Venice themed room

    I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this? How come? I only realized now that I’m about to post our second VC room tour hahaha. So yeah, here it is. Plugging the Youtube video here and recalling everything (not everything ofc *wink*) that happened that day. So, it was our first time to a motel. We didn’t… Continue reading

  • Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 3

    But first, an update on what’s been fulfilled on my previous wishlist: Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 2 I think I got most of them already so yeyy. As you know, my wishlist is really more of a personal to-buy list hehe. So yeah, my wish list is my command lol hahaha. I got Stiles, new mugs,… Continue reading

  • Making A Mess Can Be So Relaxing

    Life has been getting hectic for a long time. But this year is the first time it affects us at a global level. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt. With no time to prepare, most of us have turned the home into an office, a childcare centre, a classroom, and many more. It’s… Continue reading