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Life Lately and September highlights

Heya. Haven’t been blogging recently I know. So many things have happened last month and as much as I want to blog about them already, I’m still super swamped at work and I can’t spare a moment to blog. Hay.

There are a couple of things sitting in my drafts right now that I can’t bring myself to start because I’m just so frkn busy with other things. LOL I’ve never been this busy in my whole two years here hahaha. Bakit ganito Lord huhu ayoko ng masyadong busy hahahahuhuhu

So, what’s in my drafts? Haha this could be a new blog series you know. Just to remind myself of the so many pending things I have to write about because their photos are clogging up my phone already. Hehe

  • My iWantSeats booking experience (Manila to Baguio)
  • [Review] Dibea D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – the perfect Dyson alternative
  • How we spent our 2nd year anniversary: a gastronomic diary
  • Airbnb stay: Our Forbeswood Parklane BGC staycation

So what’s up lately?

Taytay Tiangge

My sister and I went to Taytay tiangge last weekend to buy… hulaan nyo hahaha.

I wasn’t really game about the whole idea because I don’t need anymore clothes really, but I didn’t want my sister go alone so I tugged along. Sobrang traffic driving there on a Saturday afternoon, grabeee it took us one and a half hours to reach the frkn place coming from Mandaluyong. We left at 2pm ah mygulayyyy

Anyway. At first I was kindof mehhh about the whole thing. There were tons of tiangge and most of them actually sell the same thing. We came around 5-ish in the afternoon and a lot of stalls were packing up already. No biggie though cos we were still able to find very good items. I had a pretty small haul. Two shorts, a pajama, and 3 tops. That’s it! And I only spent less than 500 pesos for all of those. Bonggaaa. I was careful not to splurge ‘cos I was too scared it won’t fit nice when I get home hahaha.

But well, when we’re back home Terai and I tried on all our purchases and man I regretted not buying more tops, and not buying any pants at all! They all fit well haha sayang.

May next time pa naman so okay lang hehe.

Angkas virgin no more

I had an early Makati appointment last week (9am) so I had no choice but to grab an Angkas ride (pun intended lol) because there weren’t any Ayala buses passing by where I could sit lol. Nakaka-adik pala mag-angkas pag ma-traffic. Sobrang na-appreciate ko sya pag rush hour. I booked an Angkas twice that day and I really enjoyed it haha. But of course I’ll only go for this option if it’s an impossible rush-hour.

Got into a minor car incident

Our first time with a private vehicle lol. This happened two weeks ago, October 5. We were on the way to my parent’s house at Farview when we got bumped by a Toyota Fortuner while turning on an intersection. Our bumper sustained some scratches, and the other car I think lost a clip in their fender liner? Damn, good thing our car is already due for a bumper repair (and so many others haha) so it’s not the first scar.
Anyway. It wasn’t too stressful, sure we caused some traffic hehe, we were beside a church where so many cars were double parked so we did kinda block half the remaining street… but we moved away quickly naman since we decided to just settle it uhm, peacefully? We both have comprehensive insurance anyway. And as much as I want to blame the other driver for the damage, it’s not worth the stress confronting them, right when they even called backup. I just thank God that we’re all so nice to each other as in wala namang galit lol.
PS, I wasn’t driving ah. Hahaha.

Obsessing over luggage type backpacks

I learned of this type of bag from one of my officemates. It’s basically a backpack that opens luggage style, like this Pacsafe Vibe 28L Commuter Backpack.

I wanted one for myself because it’s the perfect carry-on bag and it looks cool. It can be carried two ways, can slip through your luggage handle, and it fits a laptop too. Perfect for frequent travelers (that I’m not haha).

But of course I’m just being envious and materialistic. I don’t think I’d buy myself one because it’s super expensive and I still have my trusty old big backpack haha. So I just went to satisfy my envy by trying them out at the malls. If I can’t have one at least I can try one! Hehe

Here’s the Pacsafe Vibe on me! I love it already! It’s around ₱7-8k though so lol nevermind.

I also found something similar from Hedgren, but it’s heavier. Here I asked the sales lady from Landmark to wear it for me so I could take a picture hehe. This one naman is ₱10k lol.

This model is called STEP 3-Way Duffle Backpack
Thule also has something similar but it’s super duper big lol. Check out their Subterra Duffle Mineral 40L. I’m good with the Pacsafe Vibe 28L already, but yeah that’s just me dreaming haha!

Done obsessing over the Moka pot

Been curious about percolators/moka pots for a while now, but after reading several Amazon reviews I’m finally letting the thought of it go. I just wanted to try it to taste the difference but if it means being at the mercy of a poorly assembled pot made of thin sheets of fake stainless steel that’s an explosion hazard, nevermind then. My 800-peso single cup electric coffee brewer will do. It’s safer too.

By the way, percolators are stove top coffee makers that uses boiling water to brew coffee in a continuous cycle. It’s a cool concept but the pots are quite high maintenance lol, I mean compared to your regular coffee maker haha. So yeah, bye Bialleti! It was nice obsessing about you but I can’t be bothered with more dishes on the sink!

Team building 2019

Oh yeah, before I forget, September was one memorable month. We celebrated our wedding anniversary, one of our friends got married, and you guessed it duh, we had our annual team building hahaha.

We rented a resort at Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas and just enjoyed the day. We brought groceries, ate lunch at Kainan sa Dalampasigan, waded at Tali beach, watched the sunset together, cooked dinner and enjoyed ourselves. Definitely happy to be part of this team. Okay so pic spam na lang tayo goys haha

Kainan sa Dalampasigan is such a beautiful restaurant!

After lunch we finally drove to the house we’re staying at. The resort we booked was super nice, wide and maaliwalas. Definitely something I want for myself one day. This layout is perfect. It’s a bungalow too, just my dream!

The wooden pieces of furniture in his house is soooo lovely!

During the afternoon we went to the beach and watched the sunset. Ang ganda gandaaaaaaaa! 
This was at Sunset Beach

We cooked dinner and prepared a frkn lot of food! Aylabettt!

Look at our beautiful breakfast! 

Jeh-ar and Jen’s wedding!

So yeah, I’m pouring out all my September highlights in this post, except for our anniv because it deserves a separate entry hahahahaha. Here are snaps from our friend’s wedding!

Lovely Jen walking down the aisle! ♡

Pinoy nga naman lol

Soooo thaaaat’s iiiit!

Ang haba haba nitong post but I’m glad it’s finally out of the way. Off to declutter photos on my phone!